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Concern Among Carroll Faculty over Gianforte Involvement

It would appear the decision to invite Greg Gianforte to Carroll College is meeting with some opposition at the school, as the school’s President, Tom Evans, has sent faculty a notice of an “open forum” to discuss Gianforte’s role. A tipster sent me this:

I realize that this is short notice and it is the busy month of April, but I am hoping you might find time to join me this coming Monday, April 14 at 4:00 in the Lower Cube for a conversation surrounding a growing topic of concern with the involvement of Greg Gianforte on campus.  During the meeting I would like to explain the conversations leading to the potential new programming and the anticipated (and voluntary) interaction to provide opportunities for our students and community.  I am also most willing to discuss anything else you would like.

Please know that I have valued our open communication, individually and collectively, and that I look forward to continuing it with this time together.  I hope you can find time in your schedules to attend.

No word on whether attendees to the forum will be required to affirm that Jesus walked with the dinosaurs or that it should be perfectly acceptable for institutions to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation.

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    • You’ll be surprised to learn I received no response to my e-mail last week. As an alumnus, I expected at least a form letter response.

      Thanks so much, Craig, for the useful advice.

  • I gotta say as an Alum of Carroll I can’t believe they are doing this. This guy would fail basic bio classes at Carroll College as well as any critical thinking classes. This nonsense isn’t even what the Catholic Church officially believes. The official stance is issues of science (like how old the earth is) should be left to scientists. It is a slap in the face to all the kids who worked to get degrees to receive their commencement speech from someone who would fail a freshmen test in science and religion.

    • I don’t believe we actually know what he thinks regarding the subject. All we know is that he has given money to a dino museum. As to being accepted at Carroll to teach entrepreneurship, did you know Carroll has a non-discrimination policy that includes religious beliefs? The Montana university system has a very similar policy protecting employees and students from discrimination based on religion.

      • “All we know is that he has given money to a dino museum.” (Actually, it’s a CREATION museum! Let’s be clear on that point, shall we?)

        THAT ALONE disqualifies him from having the honor of addressing the graduates of a highly regarded institution of higher learning! ANY one who believes in creationism is an idiot! Period! Why honor him with a speaking opportunity?

        You see, the man is a supreme embarrassment to Montana with his creationist views. The damage he’s done to our state’s reputation with his bizarre beliefs does not fall under religious beliefs at all. It is simply anti-science and anti-education. Hence, why have him speak at an institution of higher ed? We in this state have NO requirement to validate his ignorance no matter HOW much money he has!

  • I was wondering when you guys were going to protest what said from the pulpits each and every Sunday? Could this be the beginning of that slide?

    And why is it that anti-faith speakers get a pass?

    58% of Carroll students were brought up in the Catholic Church where creationism is taught. Are those students nuts too?

    • “58% of Carroll students were brought up in the Catholic Church where creationism is taught.”

      No it’s not, Weed. It is NOT taught literally, and you probably know that. I spent a good deal of time in Catholic ed, and I can NOT remember any nun saying that the earth was literally created in seven days! Catholic ed was all about EDUCATION, a good education, to do some good in life!

    • I am 100% Catholic. Your statement about Catholics being taught Creationism, on the other hand, 100% untrue.

  • Some of the greatest minds come from the Jesuit ranks, and I’d take any good, enlightened priest over ‘Rich man can’t through eye of needle’ Gianforte. Perhaps the ‘Koch’ ally will want to check the gender status of his dinosaurs?

  • Science has such a atheist bias! And that’s what makes it so harmful to young minds. When the science is in, God is out! Right, Giantfarts?

    The world would be such a nicer place if we simply replace science with adult fairy tales. Then, folks like the Giantfarts would be welcomed at institutions of higher learning! You can’t serve two masters, science and God.

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