Greg Gianforte Brings His Creationist Entrepreneurial Spirit to Carroll College


The Independent Record reports today that Greg Gianforte’s astonishing self-promotion tour is continuing at a new institution, this time my alma matter, Carroll College.  Noting that Gianforte has drawn criticism at other colleges across the state for his support for the Montana Family Foundation’s anti-gay agenda, his opposition to Bozeman’s anti-discrimination ordinance, and his donations to a museum that teaches creationism, Carroll President Tom Evans brushed aside those concerns:

“I can’t speak to Greg Gianforte’s religious or political beliefs. Our conversations revolve around engineering, computer science, technology and entrepreneurship,” he said.

Since 1978, Carroll’s mission statement has affirmed the rights of dignity and equality of opportunity to all, “especially to minorities”:

Moreover, Carroll College rededicates its spiritual, academic, and social resources to the service of the citizens of Montana, its home, and to the worldwide human family through continuing efforts to guarantee to individuals, to groups, and especially to minorities the right to life, to personal and social dignity, and to equality of opportunity in all aspects of human activity.

It’s hard to argue that Gianforte represents those values, as the primary funder for both the Montana Family Foundation and a museum that teaches creationism, something I suspect the excellent biology professors at Carroll would object to.

The Montana Human Rights Network best described the position taken by the Gianfortes through their foundation:

The Gianforte Foundation donates heavily to anti-gay and anti-public education organizations like the Montana Family Foundation. The Gianforte’s and the Montana Family Foundation are also active in the opposition to our efforts for local non-discrimination policies.

I’m not sure what’s worse: that Carroll is endorsing the viewpoint of someone who is bankrolling one of the most fierce proponents of anti-gay hate speech and legislation in Montana or that they are willing to overlook his support for such an organization simply because of the promise of money.

I’m not advocating that Montana schools censor the Gianfortes, but that they give some thought to the kind of person they give implicit endorsement to through these kinds of invitations.  No one can argue that Mr. Gianforte hasn’t been a tremendous success in the business world, but it’s certainly fair to ask whether that success has come with values and compassion that reflect the values of an institution like Carroll.

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Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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    • He is giving something like $4.6 million to fund ACE scholarships in Montana.
      Gianforte pointed out that the Montana ACE advisory board includes retired Intel CEO Craig Barrett; former Republican Gov. Judy Martz; former Montana State University President Geoff Gamble; and Steve Barrett, former Montana Board of Regents chairman, appointed by Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer.
      ===END QUOTE

      The MEA-MFT are the “creationists” here by manufacturing a non-issue because they feel threatened by school choice efforts. Montana Tech Professor Pat Munday is a honcho in the Montana Tech Faculty Association which is a member organization of MEA-MFT.

      • “The MEA-MFT are the “creationists” here by manufacturing a non-issue because they feel threatened by school choice efforts. Montana Tech Professor Pat Munday is a honcho in the Montana Tech Faculty Association which is a member organization of MEA-MFT.”

        Wow, where you’d pull THAT one out of, craigy? Same place your HEAD is most of the time I’d say! That’s just plainassed stupid.

        Regardless of how much money mr. giantfart gives, ANYONE who believes in creationism is a friggin’ idiot! Why? Because the ramifications of such a belief are horrific! Once you stop thinking and resort to simply believing, ANY atrocity becomes rational! And really, it’s silly and bizarre to look to the holy buybull for solutions to complex problems! Oh sure, it’s easy, but the holy buybull is NO substitute for science!

        I would protest like hell also to have mr. giantfart speak at my alma mater. And lest we forget, he birthed MINI giantfart, lil’ stevey daines! Can someone please ask mini giantfart if he TOO believes the earth is four thousand years old?

        Fundamentalist christofascism is scary, scary stuff! We can do better than mr. giantfart and mini giantfart. Hell, we MUST not send mini giantfart to the senate. He will be more embarrassing then ol’ sen. cornhole burns! They’re both idiots, but at LEAST cornhole wasn’t a religeeous idiot! We ain’t Tenosee yet!

        And for the folks who haven’t yet read it, the best book out there on the christofascists is The Family by Jeff Sharlett. Get it. Read it. And be afraid, VERY afraid! And then realize that what you’re seeing now is all by design.

        • This is what ACE scholarship recipients have accomplished.

          Mr. Gianforte will be speaking about achieving success, NOT religion. His efforts are about enabling children with the opportunity for educational success through ACE, funding tech education, and entrepreneurial efforts that create jobs and success.

          Wouldn’t it be revealing if Bill Gates were to speak since he is a big advocate of charter schools. Just think of the ways MEA-MFT would smear him too.

          • Why of COURSE mr. giantfart’s a success! He birthed MINI giantfart, stevey daines! That’s kinda like success, right?

            What a joke. You see, craigy, it’s STILL a right in this country for the members of a institution of higher learning to call OUT the morons among us, especially the really egregious, sancteeMONEYious crowd hell bent on political power. Nay, it’s their duty!

            Sorry you don’t like that. We don’t really need to re-do the Scopes Monkey Trial now, do we? Let’s nip it in the bud!


              How terrible to try and help others replicate success and bring prosperity to Montana.

              “If you have the Montana work ethic, plus a good idea, no one can stop you,” Gianforte said. “We saw it in Bozeman … as I travel the state, people don’t know what’s possible.”

              RightNow added about $5 billion in economic value to the Montana economy just through the wages it paid and the economic ripple effect from those wages, he said.

              “It can happen here,” he added about the Flathead’s potential for extraordinary business growth.

              Gianforte’s business plan for better jobs takes a four-pronged approach: Promote high-tech jobs, help entrepreneurs, create organizations to support businesses and prepare Montana’s youth.

              The latest tool in his job-creation arsenal is the Montana Tech Alliance that officially launched this week. Proof Research is one of the founding members.

              The goal is simple, Gianforte said. It’s about bringing high-tech companies and manufacturers together and working on issues important to them.

              His strategy goes beyond pep talks among business leaders, though. Gianforte wants to be able to measure the tangible effects of his work.

              “I’m an engineer. I like to keep score,” he said.
              ===END QUOTE

    • “If his money went to pro-choice organizations this wouldn’t be an issue. Then we’d want him to donate more, right?”

      Huh? Geez, dude, you’re a legend in your own mind.

  • I have a hard time believing that Montana’s institutions of higher learning are so hard up for commencement speakers that three have chosen the same throwback to ignorance to inspire their 2014 graduates. Call me crazy, but Gianforte’s buying himself some status for a run for political office, and some very well-paid people who call themselves educators are selling.
    Personally, if I were a graduate of any of the three schools who had just spent four years of my life and a lot of my future earnings for a good education, I would be mighty insulted.
    Gianforte does possess an important message to these graduates, which I hope they take with them despite their heavy student loan debt: Money isn’t everything.

  • This post appears to be nothing more than bullying someone whose opinion doesn’t pass your politically correct speech code out of a job. What about tolerance? He doesn’t even deserve a position at a catholic college? You need to try and bully a private college to conform to your views?


        • Did I bully lil’ Revrearend Timmy by pointing out that you’re simply a snake handlin’, opportunistic peanut roller when it comes to religeeon? Sorry ’bout that, Revrearend, but I made my bones in religion when YOU where still pooping YELLOW, lil’ fella! And I DON’T like preeetenders like you and mr. giantfart!

          But here’s my challenge. If mr. giantfart has even ONE hair on his arse, let him come on this forum and DEFEND his religeeious nonsense! I’ll wait, for you see, Revrearend, no only are your ilk unedumacated morons, you’re also cowards!

          • p.s. And for the record there, lil’ fella, I al READY took on you christofascists back in ’91 when I was teaching in Chester. True story. Check it out, cupcake. I’ve got NO use for peanut rollers and snake handlin’ religeeous SNAKE oil salesmen like you and giantfart! I get in your faces!

          • p.s.s. And FOR the record, Revrearend, we outlawed dueling with pistols a looong time ago. What a shame. But we STILL allow a pisssant like giantfort the opportunity to duel with words! It’s called debate! And you see, revvy, giantfart would STILL be just as dead with words as with bullets, for the man is a freakin’ IDIOT!

            But if giantfart or his progeny, MINI giantfart, lil’ runt stevey daines, would deign to show up here to debate “creationism”, I will surely accept the challenge!

            But you see, your most highest Revrearend, he won’t. And neither will his evil spawn, mini giantfart, for they both are cowards who lecture ONLY to captive audiences that they have given SCADS AND TONS on money to! Bought and PAID for! I mean, really, would giantfart be taken seriously by the numbnuts prez of Tech if he HADN’T used his gazillions to get an invite?????

            Your turn, Revrearend. Answer the question. Mr. giantfart looks ALL the world to be a friggin’ MORON with enuff money to make people not laff at him!

            But I say anyone telling school kids that evolution is conspiracy is an A**HOLE of the highest order!

            Is it really bullying to point that out? Hell, even a backslid Catholic like me knows that we SETTLED this sh*t back in 1925 at the Scopes Monkey Trial! Must we NOW ban the book Inherit the Wind to get mr. giantfart to keep giving money to our universities???? Hmm. Makes sense to me!

            You lose, revvy, again. But you should be USED to that by now!

            • “The purpose of education is NOT to validate ignorance, but to overcome it”!

              Words of wisdom for mr. giantfart, mini giantfart lil’ stevey daines, mr. blackfarter of Montana Tech, and the Revrearend Tiny tim and his sidekick, craigy moore!

              People of Montana, SHOULD we be validating ignorance and bigotry by validating the speaking engagement of the mr. and ms. giantfarts of the world, or should we be repudiating it by sending a CLEAR message that if you want to use your big bucks to buy a free pass to promote your ignorance and hatred, you WILL NOT do so in Montana?!

              I say that we send the giantfarts a message!


              • p.s. Hey, mr. and ms. giantfart, YOU dufi have money, LOTS of money. Please make your OWN video and post it to counter this one! Can you do it, losers? Or are you the sorry limpos you APPEAR to be???

                I’ll wait. Argue for ignorance as equally valid to science! Or, should the purpose of education be to PROMOTE and validate your ignorance and hatred???

                • And while we’re at it havin’ fun at the expense of the Giantfarts, all you Tech grads out there, where would YOU rather work? At Rightwing Now Technologies, or a REAL job? Got any principles and morals left from your U training, or would you just rather KISS the a** and ring of a Giantfart for a job? I report, you decide!

                  Hell, I actually knew a guy from Southey just like this! Moon Sweeney was his name. He used to do a few drugs and drink in ‘Nam. He had a pair of sun glasses from which the lenses had fallen out looong ago. He called them his “moon” glasses and wouldn’t go out on post until he found them. Hence his nickname, Moon Sweeney! True story. He looked exactly like the guy in this clip.


    • Timmy, timmy, TIMMY! There’s religion and then there’s religion. We AIN’T a bunch of snake handlers here in Montana, nor have we ever been that I can remember. So, why should we condone this dufus Giantfart and his “creation museum”? That sends a pretty clear message to the rest of the country that we are dumber than dog sh*t here in ol’ Montany! And I for one resent that! So Giantfart has lots of money. Does THAT entitle the dufus to embarrass Montana for the rest of us? I think not.

      Nor timmy ol’ boy, here’s your challenge. You see, I was raised strict Catholic so I know all about your phony religions. If you can find me FIVE Jesuits who believe in creationism, by GOD I’ll say that it’s bullying! But as it is, it is not bullying to call out bullsh*t, especially of the religious variety. Snake handlers are NOT in the same league with folks of true religious faith. Sorry that you fall in the snake handlin’ crowd!

      • UH oh! Why is rightwing billionaire wacko fundiwackmentalist, mr. giantfart, sup POSED ly a real smart dude, so frickin’ stupid that he would shine a GIANT fart light on himself and his wacko beliefs? I mean, freakin’ really, how DUMB does a dude need to be to tell the world, HEY, look at me! I’m a freakin’ dumbazz! World class even! I’m a really, really fart smeller, and yet I believe that the earth is four thousand years old!

        Remember them signs from jr. high (i’m sure craigy does) that were hand written and taped to the back of some dumbazz’s shirt that said KICK ME! Well, I think that ol’ giantfart done taped one on his OWN back! KICK ME! I’m the dumbazz that believes in creationism!

        And then, when folks kick him in the azz, he wonders why. And THIS is the guy who birthed mini giantfart stevey boy daines! Wow! Talk about a dumb bassturd! Now, EVERY one is gonna be tryin’ to figure out just what this right now technologies is! Hell, I read their bio ’bout ten times, and I STILL can’t figure out just what it is that giantfart does except scam folks!

        And really, when you think about it, Montana is still a working man’s state. I would challenge ANY real working man/woman in Montana to read the bio on right now technologies and explain what all that horse sh*t means! What it means to me is that mr. giantfart has NEVER worked a real job a real a day in his freakin’ life! And yet he’s gonna tell us how to run our state? Not hardly, giantfart!

        But again, I digress, just HOW freakin’ stupid IS this dude to shine a giant dumb spot light on himself and his evil spawn, mini giantfart?! I bet the Pubes tell him to tone it down a bit, for he’s makin’ ALL the ReePubes look like ignernt Tenosee snake handlers! Need proof? Read the following:

        • Hey all you working dudes and dudettes who poured cement today, or worked in a nursing home, or cut trees, or built a house, or worked at the refinery,
          or, taught in a school, or dug in a mine, or actually DID an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, tell me what this means! You see, Montana, THIS is the moron who wants to be king maker here. He farted out lil’ mini giantfart, stevey daines, who he says will be the best candidate for Montana. Can you even IMAGINE this little runt as our senator when we USED to send giants to the U.S. senate???

          So, as you drink a few beers tonight and wash down a few aspirin for your tired muscles and aches and pains, remember, that mr. giantfart does THIS for a living! See any calluses on THAT dude other than his butt? Me neither! The dude is a scammer, and he wants to send SON of scam to the senate from Montana! I say to HELL with that! Giantfart is a crazy bassturd who has NEVER worked a real job in his life! Well sir, he CLAIMS to love Jaysus. Time he had a leetle come to Jesus meeting, Montana style!

          Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your reading pleasure and perusal, mr. giantfart! (daddy of mini giantfart, stevey boy daines!) Now do your duty, Montana! Send these clowns packing!

          Greg Gianforte started the company in 1997 without external capital and created a software product that was initially focused on customer service with an integrated knowledge base. As the company grew, it added marketing and sales functionality, voice automation, customer feedback management, analytics and a social platform to its product, creating a full customer experience suite.

          “In 2009, RightNow Technologies acquired social networking company HiveLive.[7]

          In 2011, the company acquired Q-go for $34 million.[8] Q-go was founded in 1999. It specialized in semantic search SaaS, based on natural language processing technology, providing relevant answers to queries on a company’s Internet website or corporate intranet, formulated in natural sentences or keyword input alike. It integrated automatic statistical reporting of user query behavior for businesses that want to monitor what kinds of questions their customers are asking so they can adjust content to provide the appropriate information for customers and to reduce the load on traditional customer service ports of call, such as call centers and answers by email. The technology has been implemented and deployed in a range of industries, including banking, insurance, pension, telecommunications and logistics, as well as several government agencies.”

          • “It integrated automatic statistical reporting of user query behavior for businesses that want to monitor what kinds of questions their customers are asking so they can adjust content to provide the appropriate information for customers and to reduce the load on traditional customer service ports of call, such as call centers and answers by email”!

            WTFaaaaaaaa???? Hey, mr. giantfart, would you please get one of these DOWN there to the Mint Bar where’s I drink! For you see, mr. giantfart, I get SO tired of askin’ for a PBR. Please tell the bartender to “adjust the content” so’s he KNOWS that I want another PBR without always asking!

            Yessireee! I unnerstand now how mr. greggy giantfart became such and IMpotent part of Montany. Hell, I jus’ might visit his creation MUSE zim to find ME some JAYsus for myself! I’m THAT inspired by his commencement speeches! I think I’ll get to commencin’ to find Jesus too! An after that, Noah’s Ark! Can a Noah’s Ark be far behind, as in behind, as is mr. giantfart’s behind?! For that seems to be where HIS head is! Prolly lots of Jaysus stuff up there too! Look around, mr. giantfart, you never KNOW what you might find up your ass once you start a’lookin”!!!!! Hell, you just might find Jimmy Hoffa! That dude’s been missin’ for a long time too! I have a theory on that. Would you listen to my theory on Jimmy Hoffa if’n I listen to your theory on creation???

            You see, mr. giantfart, a theory’s a theory, and a myth is a myth. I like my myths more than your fundiwackmentalist Holy Buybull myths! Wanna compare myths some time and see whose is bigger?????

            Jesus, giantfart, you are one dumb sumbitch! And you did it to yourself! Better tell the little lady to lay off all the hate talk too! She ain’t helpin’ your cause much. And BTW, do you REALLY think that you’re gonna be our guv some day? Thas funny, moron. You’re the male equivalent of Judy Moron Mars! And we done TRIED stupid once already!

  • Dear Revrearend Timmy, THIS one is for you and mr. giantfart and mini giantfart, lil’ stevey daines! Religion really sucks when some Jesuit RAMS it right up where the Holy Ghost don’t shine! Ouch! I felt that one from here! Enjoy, for you see you wacko fundiwackmentalists are the peanut rollers of the religeeous crowd. You wouldn’t last two seconds in a debate with a Jesuit! Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.

  • Larry Kralj, your ever increasing shrill BS could be considered defecation of character.

    Did you see this?

    Greg and Susan Gianforte are co-founders of RightNow Technologies, the software engineering company based in Bozeman which sold in 2012 for $1.5 billion. Inviting them to speak at Montana Tech is a no-brainer because they are living the dream of every engineering student in the world: Take a great idea and turn it into a great venture.

    But that’s not good enough for the disgruntled faculty and students at Montana Tech, who don’t care for the fact that the Gianfortes are also outspoken defenders of their Christian faith and to a lesser extent their conservative political philosophy. The couple has donated money to faith-based charities, including (according to their critics) a Glendive dinosaur museum that promotes creationism.

    Apparently, the faculty doesn’t see a place for fundamental Christian beliefs in a college that teaches science. How they square that conclusion with the necessity of teaching Newtonian physics, I don’t know. Maybe they never heard that Isaac Newton, the founder of modern physics, was a dedicated Christian who was himself a noted creationist.

    I suppose after they finish their campaign to ban the Gianfortes from campus, they can dedicate themselves to writing Newton out of their science textbooks.

    Fortunately, the chancellor of Montana Tech, Don Blackketter, takes a similar view of the protests as his counterpart at Rutgers.

    “It’s important to remember what grad commencement is all about,” he told the Montana Standard. “It’s not political agendas or religious beliefs; it’s about sending the graduates off into the world after they’ve had great accomplishments.”

    Let’s hope that the graduates do not learn from their liberal faculty members that one of those great accomplishments is shutting down free speech.
    ===END QUOTE

    • “Defecation of character”? bwahhaha! Good attempt at humor, craigy. But the ONLY one round here to defecate a character was the dumbazz greggy giantfart, who defecated a character named MINI giantfart, aka lil’ runt stevey daines!

      You see, craigy, there are no free passes while I’m still breathing. Preaching hatred, intolerance, bigotry and ignorance is the name of Jesus will NOT be tolerated by me! Period! Have you ever actually LISTENED to these hate mongers and supposed “kristians” like the Giantfarts? They are truly some pathetic, nasty, vile, evil little teensy tiny people! Jumpin JEEbus but I can’t let that pass without notice and comment! Try it some time. Actually LISTEN for one full day to hate kristian radio and brian fischer and co. and all the little Nazis! It’s enuff to make you sick!

      BTW, that ed has to be by nutjob crank mealy! ONLY a moron could have written something like that!

      And btw, Montana is KNOWN as the home of Jack Horner, a real expert on dinosaurs. He is much admired around the world in fact! In fact, HE is the inspiration for the character in Jurassic Park! Now, WHO is going to play mr. Giantfart in the movie inspired by him entitled Jerkoff Park??? Makes a fella wonder. Jerkoff Park. Maybe they could hold the premier down there in Butte to coincide with the giantfart’s commencement speech! I’ll bet it will gross a million or two, doncha think? I mean, the story of an inbred who actually BELIEVES in creation who makes enough money to prevent people from LAFFING THEIR ASSES off at him! I think it’s worthy of a movie, don’t you?

      Maybe cranky mealy could write the screenplay…….

      bwhahahahahahahahahaa! Sometimes I even crack myself up!

      • BTW, craigy, do you REALLY think that the giantfarts could bring a defecation lawsuit against me for calling them ignernt inbreds??
        Well, like lil’ georgie bush always said, BRING IT ON, DUDES! For you see, craigy, ONLY an ignernt inbred from Tenosee (or someone like you, crank mealy, and the giantfarts) actually believes in creationism! And yes, I’ll gladly defend that in court!

        And shoot, I’ll make myself rich with a COUNTER suit!

          • Jack Horner:

            Horner was born and raised in Shelby, Montana. When he was eight years old, he found his first dinosaur bone.[2] He attended the University of Montana for seven years, majoring in geology and zoology. He also spent two years in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving during the Vietnam War in the Special Forces. Horner did not complete his bachelor’s degree, due to his inability to pass required foreign language courses (he is somewhat dyslexic and could not read adequately in German).[3] However, he did complete a formidable senior thesis on the fauna of the Bear Gulch Limestone in Montana, which is one of the most famous Mississippian lagerstätten (or exceptionally preserved fossil site) in the world. The University of Montana awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Science in 1986. In 1986, he was also awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.[

            Greggy Giantfart:

            Jerkoff kristian who THINKS the world is four thousand years old!

            I await the lawsuit!

            • Yes, I’m a bad person for pointing out the obvious, but Jesus TOL’ me do it! And ‘sides, all them rulers on the knuckles by my beloved nuns made a BIG impression on me! You see, they inspired me to NOT tolerate bullsh*t from peanut rollers and holly rollers like the giantfarts! Ever see the Blues Brothers? I can attest to its accuracy! As can anyone who got a Catholic education! We’re STILL on a mission to wack the wee wee’s of pretenders like giantfart with a BIG ruler!

              • You see, mr. and ms. giantfart, I done MET the penguin! And you cheese whizzes never did! And that’s your problem. Hell, EVERY kid in Butte met the penguin, so of course they can’t abide and tolerate cheese merchants like you! I would voluntarily withdraw and scurry away with your little rat tails intact while you still can, for you are gonna do some gi NOR mus damage to your evil spawn, mini giantfart if you keep farting on about creationism! Here, losers, see what you missed!

                (but first, a true story. once I made the mistake of laughing at a buddy who was getting the rule. and hence, I got it just for laffing! I learned at that point to ONLY laff at losers like you!)


  • Don, you wrote: “I’m not advocating that Montana schools censor the Gianfortes, but that they give some thought to the kind of person they give implicit endorsement to through these kinds of invitations.”

    Your stated similar concerns with your denial of a link to 4&20. You did not want to give an implicit endorsement to what appeared on that blog by linking to it at your blog. I would suggest you consider how giving safe haven to the screeching personal vitriol by one of your favorite commenters, who after a few drinks, totally dominates the comment section. That acquiescence to those insulting antics seems tar you with the same brush used by that commenter.

    I am not advocating censorship, just wondering how you reconcile the apparent hypocrisy.

    • oh papa bear craigy, you KNOW that I luv you!


      craigy, you see, as I mentioned already, if the giantfarts REALLY think that I’ve defecated on their characters, SUE me! Hell, they’ve got billions on their side. What do I have ‘cept Jesus? Jesus plus nothing. That’s all I’ve got. But I’ll PUT my faith in Jesus, and let his will be done! A giantfart billion against Jesus is nothing!

    • I’m sure the giantfarts will build the appropriate museum for THIS also! I mean, if you’re gonna lead the world with Rightwing Now Technology, you gotta be cutting edge! And THIS is cutting edge! Oh sure, the rest of the world may laff at the giantfarts of the world, but we’re number one!…… the dumbazz dept!



  • Try this one. Sorry.

    You see, problem is that the inbreds are no longer the fringe! I mean, look at mini giantfart, lil’ runt stevey daines! He’s got a good shot at bein’ a freakin’ u.s. senator! And he was defecated by the giantfarts! And the giantfarts are creationists! We may as change our state’s name to Loonyeana! I mean, it’s been steady down HILL ever since we sent the great ones to the U.S. Seanate! Metcalf, Melcher, and of course Mike Mansfield, DEMS all! And then, WHOM did the Pubbies send? Cornhole Burns! And now, they offer up creation boy, MINI giantfart!

    Be afraid, Montana, very afraid! The crazy train rolled in was BANK rolled in by the craziest of them all, the Giantfarts! Good thing they were dumb enough to shine the spotlight on themselves! And even better yet that the folks at Tech called them out! THEY are the true Montanans of old. Leave it to Butte to remind us who we are! In Butte, ya just don’t get to stroll into town and fart the place UP and call it perfume! Them folks still KNOW religeeeious sh*t from scientific shinola! A degree from Tech is STILL worth a leetle more than an on line doctor of divinity from Jumpin’ Jesus U. of Looneyana!

    (my deepest humblest apologies in advance if I offended craigy. he’s the very sensitive type, sensitive to the TRVTH!)

  • “In recent weeks, there has been a lot of discussion in the media about my positions on certain local issues. I believe, and have always believed, that discrimination of any kind is flat-out wrong. That’s not how we do things in Montana. I believe in just and fair treatment for all. I built my business by hiring the best people based on ability, not ideology – period. I owe my success to the principles of freedom and liberty on which this nation was founded. It’s those same principles that allow us to put aside our disagreements and work together as Montanans toward a common goal that benefits us all.”

    greg giantfart in the Bozo Chronic

    Yes, mr. giantfart is right. We should not discriminate against him simply because he and his wife discriminate against others. It is a violation of his freedumb. Feel free to puke now!

    You see, he can NOT possibly be guilty of discrimination because he’s a Holy Buybull bleever! And as Murcan as apple pie! Why he’s a regular leave it to bleever kinda guy! With Montana values no less.

    So, you liebrul commie pinko atheist secular humanist god-hating homo-loving un Murcan freedumb haters out there, please lay off leave it to bleever! He’s a kkkristyeean!

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