Letter from Susan Cahill About the Attack on Her Clinic

Susan Cahill, from All Families Healthcare, wrote an important letter we should all read about the attack on her healthcare clinic in today’s Daily Interlake. In it, she writes:

He destroyed the plumbing and heating system in the building. He then completely destroyed all my medical equipment, ripping apart, breaking every glass object, bending, stabbing knives into or punching hammer holes into, and then methodically cutting and sticking knife holes into the faces of my friends and family, including pictures of my baby grandson. In my opinion, this is NOT the act of someone who was “high” and didn’t know what he was doing, but rather someone who knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And, by the way, I don’t keep drugs in my office.

Health care is a SERVICE. I have performed health-care services for 38 years. I have patients who have been coming to me for that long. I have seen their parents and their children. I provide first-trimester abortions AS PART OF THAT SERVICE because I know that the same women who at one time in their life want and are joyful about being pregnant, may, at another, find themselves unable to bring a child into the world. That crisis used to cost them their lives. The truth is that abortions are very simple and safe procedures that most medical professionals, especially those who are trained in women’s medicine, can and should do. No woman needs to die from having an abortion.

This was an act of terrorism, plain and simple: an effort to drive a provider that offers critical medical services out of practice, terrorize its owner, and intimidate its patients. The evidence she outlines demonstrates clear intent, just as the comments on the piece reflect the intellect and values of those who support this kind of hate crime. Both demonstrate the threat abortion providers face because of the supercharged extremist rhetoric that comes from the pro-life community all too often.

That more political leaders in the Flathead and beyond have not condemned this despicable act is shameful, especially the silence from those affiliated with the radical element of the pro-life community in the Flathead. No matter how misguided one’s views about reproductive care are, there can be no excuse for remaining on the sidelines after a despicable act such as this.

Thank you, Ms. Cahill, for doing so much to protect the health of the people who’ve relied on your practice.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • Ya just can’t use violence to force others to believe as you do no matter WHAT god tol’ you! But of course, the inbreds use hatred and violence the way the Chamber of Commerce using advertising to lure businesses to get even MORE haters, inbreds and fundiwackmentalists to move to the region!

    Here are some graphics that mr. klundt might want to take to prision with him and study. I would really, really love to give mr. klundt an hour of uninterrupted time to make his case for violence against abortion providers. For you see, I believe he would last about all of three minutes before he ran out of argument! He, like all of his kind, are morons.


    Abortion opinion is all over the map. Hell, even religions can’t agree on it. And even the catholics thought it was no big deal years ago. You never even heard of it. It’s only since the Pubes decided to make it a wedge issue have the inbreds found a reason for their zealotry.

    And when mr. klundt is done expounding on abortion, maybe he could give a scholarly dissertation on just WHEN life begins according to the world’s great religions! Citing his sources as he goes of course. Now THAT would be quite interesting! And funny.

    You see, these fundis are uneducated ignernt morons. And that is why Clarence Darrow feared them so. He did not hate them at all. But he could not abide their abject ignorance. I’m sure that believed that it would all change in time. But it hasn’t! It’s getting worse.

  • I don’t know, just seems like a stupid decision by a misguided kid. I don’t think it is fair to politicize this story. Maybe more of the story will come out later, but this doesn’t seem to bear any relation to most of us pro-life people who truly believe in our cause and are passionate, but well behaved in advocating our position. I can imagine this is a sore area for Ms. Cahill right now in the heat of the moment, but to stretch the rhetoric this far is not fair, based on the facts at this point.

      • But since you’re here, Jer, I’ll ask YOU the very same questions that I ask of mr. klundt, an appropriate name for a perp if there ever WAS one! For he IS a klundt! A world CLASS klundt! And I’m sure his daddy tol’ him to be the best klundt that he COULD be, and he done’er!

        Jer, would you mind explaining in great detail and citing sources as to just WHEN life begins according to the world’s great religions? For you see, it just ain’t as simple as mr. klundt. And HE’S about as simple as it gets!

        You see, Jer, history, ethics, and morals are a wee bit more complicated that the simple mr. klundts of the world. Hell, I was raised STRICT catholic, and abortion was never mentioned. Not even ONCE! It was no big deal. A zygote was NOT considered to be a human being. By ALL the world’s religions! The catholoholic church had NO problem with if for rape and incest! So, what changed?

        The ONY thing that changed was the politics, YOUR politics! And yet, you’re running for office and don’t want folks to politicize abortion. Sorry, but it’s a leetle to late for that. Your Pubbie buddies did that looong ago.

        Have a nice day, and let the debate begin!

        • p.s. And, Jer, you prolly didn’t hear much about the great religions of the world in your home school years though, didja? I would suggest that rather than running for political office, you might be better suited to work in Mr. Giantfart’s creationism museum! It’s an intellect free zone too! Heck, when mr. klundt finally gets outta prison, he might be able to work over there on any remodeling projects mr. giantfart might be contemplating. He’d be a natural at it! He’s got experience!

          (yes, that was bad even by my standards, and I have none!)

          • Regarding the Fundis like mr. klunk:

            “In a sense, what we see today is not new. The Fundamentalists won — over and over again. They delayed the intellectual maturation of our nation for over two hundred years, just as they had delayed that of Europe for over a thousand — always by psychological intimidation, repressive laws, legal harassments, monetary reprisals, and, if need be, raw physical force. They fought against education, science, sex education, birth control, medicine, and the amelioration of the condition of humankind. They supported slavery, child labor, exploitative capitalism, onerous punishment schemes, and wars.”

  • At the time of his arrest, this so-called believer in the sanctity of human life carried with him the means to murder 20 or more people — depending on how good a shot he is — according to police.
    It’s fortunate none of the staff walked in on him while he was on his wild rampage.

  • If one truly believes that the life of a zygot is equivalent to the life of a living child, then Klundt is a hero. That’s all there is to it. Anyone who sees Klundt as a criminal but Schindler as a hero has to admit that they, like most logical humans, see a fetus up to a certain stage of development as having less moral value than living child. Anyone who claims otherwise has no rational reason to disassociate themselves from acts such as these.

    • Zygot = child? Really? Who believes that? What religions believe that? What historical precedent is there for that? None I would argue. Folks who think mr. klunk is a hero are NOT too bright, for they have ZERO historical/religious perspective. ie. WHERE in the Holy Buybull for example is the proscription against abortion? Doesn’t exist. At all. Fini. End of story for the religionuts whose entire world view is Buybull centric!

        • It helps to be somewhat educated about these things. I know. I’m old. Again, even the cathoholic CHURCH made no big sh*tstorm about abortion un TIL the religiofascists of the Pube party arose! A fetus was NOT considered to be much to worry about!

          • Bottom line? mr. klunk is a friggin’ IDJIT! He will now spend a goodly portion of the rest of his life with a roommate named Big Bubba for what? To please his wacko dimwitted mama? And her inbred religiofascist moronic brethren? Hmm. Wonder if he thinks it’ll be worth it when Big Bubba needs some luvin’! He’s gonna “take one for the Lawyard”! The hard way. Literally! Better he than me! He just may have a leetle different perspective on things when he eventually gets out of the big house!

  • I just wish there was passion for helping young mothers out with their children. I wish there was as much concern for the 18 years of that child’s life. I wish these people so concerned with bringing life into the world gave a damn about it afterward. We know they don’t.

    • Absolutely. If there was more concern for children after they were born, I can almost guarantee there’d be fewer abortions. Look at the Netherlands.

    • Thank God Larry isn’t representing from my side of the ssue, I’d be red in the face all the time for him.

      • “I don’t know, just seems like a stupid decision by a misguided kid. I don’t think it is fair to politicize this story. Maybe more of the story will come out later, but this doesn’t seem to bear any relation to most of us pro-life people who truly believe in our cause and are passionate, but well behaved in advocating our position. I can imagine this is a sore area for Ms. Cahill right now in the heat of the moment, but to stretch the rhetoric this far is not fair, based on the facts at this point”

        I hope that I never become senile enough to write something like this, Jer. Your own words, dude. You see, when you surrender reason to faith, you become an instant imbecile! Think I’ll stick with my comments on this thread.

        • p.s. When I drive by Planned Parenthood in GF and see the smug, self-righteous, phony little a**holes out there with their signs protesting, I wanna puke! For you see, I know a lot of these folks. They really are some losers! This is all for show. Look at me! Look at me! I’m a very holy a**hole!

          Why aren’t they out there following in Jesus’s footsteps and help the poor, feeding the hungry, and comforting the sick, etc.? Well, I’ll TELL you why! It’s just a whole lot easier to stand there with their pathetic little signs and show the world how pious they are! Give me a break!

          Makes me wanna puke!

          What a shameful display of self-righteous horse crap!

          • You obviously don’t know them or you would know they do both. They don’t just stand out there with signs all the time. What do you do to help besides sit on your ass all day posting pithy comments? Hypocrite.

            • Um, well, yes I DO know them. Prove that I don’t? And I know them well enough to know that their sanctimony is all for show!

              And me? Moi? Hell, I’ve done retired from activism, dude. I’m too old now. I’m ’bout to Old Gringo here any day now. I did my time in the trenches when no one else would. I might still go to SD though and join up with the Sioux in making a stand against the kockh brothers’ pipeline. It would be a good final act for me.

    • There IS no issue, jer. That is the problem! It’s ONLY an “issue” for religionutjobs like you! No one else really cares!

      But for the record, jer, and to prove you’re not the uneducated dolt you appear to be, answer a couple of the questions I posed above! WHERE in the Holy Buybull is abortion even mentioned? How do all the great religions of the world view the concept of when life begins? And how do they view abortion? You see, jer, it’s ONLY cut and dried for uneducated dolts who believe their snake handlin’ pastors! Even the Pope says it’s time for you dolts to STFU! His words not mine!

      • HEY, don’t feel bad about yourself, jer, just ’cause folks laff at you. You DO have a purpose. You’re a useful idiot! All Pubbies are. For you see, jer, there are only two kinds of Pubbies, rich guys and suckers. And you ain’t rich! They’re playin’ you holy rollers like a fiddle! And you’re luvin’ it! Nuthin’ beats Holy Sanctimony, right?! Better than sex! Makes you feel so damn good! Maybe I’ll go down and protest too, just to get my Holy Sanctimony back! My religeeous holy mojo!


              • Thanks, daddy. But I was just wondering how st. jer finds the TIME to post since he’s so busy down there at the homeless shelter??

                I’m done now, daddy.

                • Sorry to hear that, jer, but let’s end with your OWN words about gummint in people’s lives. Guess that doesn’t apply to women’s health care now, does it?


                  “I believe government is too intrusive in people’s lives. Government should stick to the basics such as building roads, providing quality education in reading, writing, and arithmetic (and not advocacy of leftist ideology), and structuring tax rate schedules that do not overburden businesses and individuals. I also believe individuals should be given every considerable liberty to live as they please, and not be required to conform to utilitarian ideals.”

                • jer, I must say that I applaud your willingness to debate on a “lefty” forum since you hate lefties. Please do stick around. Most folks of your peculiar persuasion refuse to even show up here, especially those running for office as you are. I suspect that once your handlers (ie. wittich, essman) find out that you’ve been consorting on lefty sites, they will advise you to cease and desist. And that’s too bad.

                  But seriously, do take a stab at the questions I pose. I seriously want to know what YOU know about the complexities of the issues you blithely disregard.

                • I try my hardest to stay out of internet debates anymore, I get too worked up and spend way too much time debating…this week I couldn’t help myself.

  • The wacko agenda truly IS anti-woman! For you see, God don’t LIKE uppity women! Never has, never will. That’s why he gave them a place, and that’s why they should STAY in their place. It’s for the family. It’s all about family. Family values. God loves families. And families mean babies, LOTS of babies….for the Lord! And makin’ babies is the best way to keep women in the home……with their families,,,,,,and their values…….their family values. This message has been approved by GOD! And God created sex for one purpose and one purpose only. BABIES! Sex without babies makes women vulnerable to the temptations of the flesh, for they’re weak, and need some male dominional guidance! Women need to do their duty and poop them little buggers out for the LAWyord! Right, wackos???


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