An Act of Terrorism in the Flathead

Shocking—and terrible news—from the Flathead today, where the offices of Susan Cahill at All Families Healthcare were badly vandalized in “a very personal attack” late Monday or early Tuesday morning.

It’s a text book example of right wing extremist violence. Ms. Cahill’s practice, the only one that provides abortion services in Kalispell, was firebombed in 1994 and abortion providers across the country have long been under siege by those willing to use vile personal attacks, threats of violence, and even cold-blooded murder to terrify those who provide reproductive health services. The Anti-Defamation League notes that extremist violence from anti-abortion activists is still a very real threat:

Anti-abortion violence has actually remained a consistent, if secondary, source of domestic terrorism and violence, manifesting itself most often in assaults and vandalism, with occasional arsons, bombings, drive-by shootings, and assassination attempts.

NARAL Pro-Choice America reports that there have been over 6,000 acts of violence and 175,000 acts of disruption against abortion providers since 1977.

The purpose of these acts of violence and threats is clear: to intimidate abortion providers and frighten patients. Along the way, simple geography restricts access: by removing access to a local clinic, those who attacked All Families Healthcare made receiving abortion services more difficult.

It’s too early to tell, but it’s not difficult to imagine the profile of the person or persons behind this attack.  This will not turn out to be a case of a childish prank or a mistaken identity; this was the act of someone willing to use the threat of violence to intimidate someone for political ends.

This was not vandalism or the noble crusade the person responsible is telling himself it was; this was nothing less than an act of terrorism.

The services Ms. Cahill provides her patients in the Flathead are not only legal; they are vital to women’s health, and as she notes, “a human right.” There can be no excuse for those who violate the privacy of some of the most vulnerable patients and threaten the security of medical personnel who provide these critical services.

We should thank her for her bravery in the face of these threats and for her willingness to keep working to ensure access for the women of Kalispell. We should continue to be vigilant in the fight for legal protections for abortion providers and their patients.  And we should make sure that the person or persons responsible for this vile, cowardly act of terrorism is prosecuted and punished as strictly as the law will allow.

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Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • The Flathead Beacon reports that a 24-year-old man from Columbia Falls was arrested for vandalizing the clinic, and for committing a burglary on Main Street. “Shortly after 6 p.m., March 4, Kalispell police officers responded to the report of another burglary that was in progress on South Main Street. Upon arrival, Klundt was found with multiple weapons, including a concealed loaded handgun.”

    The vandalizing of the clinic might not have been motivated by opposition to abortion.

    • OR, given that Klundt’s mommy is affiliated with anti-choice ministries … this crime could well have been motivated by stupidity and hate, regardless of other crimes.

      • Coulda, woulda, shoulda. It’s one thing to merely speculate, quite another for Don to assert without any supporting facts whatsoever that Klundt’s vandalism and burglary is some sort of “text book example” when, in fact, he is implicated in multiple burglaries.

        BTW, from the Beacon link.

        ‘In response to the break-in, Kalispell’s 40 Days for Life chapter, a Christian campaign against abortion, issued a press release saying it opposed what had happened. It also said it would delay its planned protest of the clinic, set to start on March 5, for a week.

        “We stand in strong opposition to the vandalism incident that occurred at the All Families Healthcare location,” the press release stated. “Violence and vandalism are opposed to our belief and continued focus on a prayerful and peaceful means to oppose abortion.” ‘

          • Rob, BTW good to see you back in the blogs.

            As to inspiring burglars like Klundt, perhaps it’s no more complicated than drugs and money derived from stolen goods to buy more drugs. Multiple burglaries while carrying weapons usually have the twin motivators of desperation and opportunity driving the action.

  • What kind of hatred for others with different views must one hold for them to immediately start calling them terrorists before the ink has even dried on the police report?

    • Um, COULD be, but I’m just guessing here, the long list of attacks on abortion providers! You new here, or do you remember when the Billings Planned Parenthood was fire bombed?

      I actually listen to hate radio, the Family Values Channel, daily, until I get so sick I nearly throw up! (91.5 here in GF). The hatred just drips off the station! The incitement to violence is repulsive. Christofascism is real, alive, well, and thriving amongst a certain troglodyte percentage of the population. ie. The folks who visit the Giantfart sponsored “creation” museum! Ignorance and hatred are terrible things to waste……..IF you’re a corporate fascist!

      • to Anonymous: Before you go wild here, let me point out that I am a Tea Party member, a member of the NRA…. and very pro-choice.

        Let us remember what happened in Oregon: After a Christian couple who ran a bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for lesbians, ‘haters’ broke into the bakery couple’s van and vandalized it. Wrote nasty words inside of the van all over the walls.

        This couple had a right to defend their beliefs; the lesbians had a hundred other bakeries to choose from, but chose to pick on those they knew were VERY religious.

        Hmmm, why didn’t they pick on a Moslem bakery?

        Funny isn’t it? How the vicious gays always pick on the Christian couple that stands by their beliefs. The Christians received death threats, and nasty letters from the ‘tolerance tyrants’. They had to give up their shop and now sell from their home.

        The gov’t is using gays to break businesses all across this nation, and the gays go right along with it.

        Guess intolerance works two ways, doesn’t it?

        • Generally, when people refer to “the gays,” the argument that follows is absurd. This is no exception.

          To believe that Christians and business owners in this country face real oppression and discrimination requires breathtaking ignorance of history and current events.

          • Gays are in the process of bankrupting bakeries, wedding reception centers, flower shops and more.

            What do you mean, ‘breathtaking ignorance of history…’?

            • I think you are letting your hatred for the LGBTQ community cloud your already questionable judgment.

              I think the post below captures your ignorance of history pretty well: “Gays have been discriminated against, bullied, beaten, and murdered for hundreds of years. They’ve endured the casual hatred of the dominant sexual-orientation group, especially religious people, for hundreds of years.”

              • Astounding that you think you know what I think.

                You shouldn’t arrogantly put words in people’s mouth or minds.

                And a simple, silly quote about the ‘poor’ gays being persecuted? Shoot, EVERYONE is persecuted one time or another.

                I’ve been persecuted as a woman, as a Jew- what group doesn’t ‘get it’?

                The fact is, gays are viciously driving Christian businesses out of business, and I think you are ignoring that fact.

                Do you think if you scream ‘hatred’, trying to scare people, you’re going to hide the truth?

                You won’t.

                • I know what you think because of the inane drivel you write. “The gays” aren’t bankrupting anyone, no matter what Glenn Beck and Fox News tell you. It’a fantasy concocted by those who want to generate a backlash against the gay community.

                  And I think you probably even know that.

              • Don: as a reply to your answer down below: um, Glenn Beck and Fox News? Wow, so you know who I read? You know everything, don’t you? LOL

                Maybe you shouldn’t listen to so much Rachel Maddow- should I say that?

                Umm, did you get the part that I’m Jewish? Or is that inconvenient
                guess I’m not Christian, am I?

                And ‘even I’ know that? You’d better prove your case.

                Take a look at this:


                And you can prove to me that the vicious lawsuits the poor gays have instituted against family businesses were done out of the love of their little hearts.

                • That’s one credible source.

                  And it sure doesn’t show any support for your insane claim that “the gays” are bankrupting businesses.
                  I’m not sure why you think I care whether you are Christian or Jewish, either. I’d just like you to be accurate.

        • Tina, Gays have been discriminated against, bullied, beaten, and murdered for hundreds of years. They’ve endured the casual hatred of the dominant sexual-orientation group, especially religious people, for hundreds of years.

          Only recently have they been able to publicly acknowledge their sexuality. They’re tired of hiding it. Instead, they want to celebrate their love by doing what straight couples do: for example, ordering a cake for their wedding.

          Fundamentalist Christians (like you) claim a religious basis for continuing to discriminate against gays. Yet Jesus Christ, who you’d think would be important to Christians, never said a word against homosexuality.

          Not one.

          Did it just slip his mind? Do you guys think he would’ve been against homosexuality if he’d remembered to talk about it?

          The Old Testament books that condemn homosexuality also condemn menstruating women and handicapped people from entering a temple. They say that disobedient children shall be killed. I can’t recall exactly where it is, but somewhere in the OT God set bears upon 44 children and chortled as they were devoured.

          If you knew more about the Christ part of your religion you wouldn’t use it as a weapon to punish those whom you hate. Or maybe you would — if your hatred is overwhelming enough.

          • I’m not Christian. I’m Jewish. And because the ‘poor little gays’ have suffered, are you saying they now get to behave despicably and destroy family businesses?

            Why don’t they go to a gay-owned bakery?

            Or a Moslem one? Or to one that doesn’t care?

            They’re not on a mission, are they?…

          • Somehow I’m “Anonymous” above. I thought I gave my name, which is Turner.

            So you’re a Jew, Tina? Is that why you accept all the cruelties of the OT — the Jewish Bible — as though they were somehow religious?

            Please tell me then: do you support putting homosexuals to death as is prescribed in Leviticus? Should they die quickly or slowly and painfully? Are you OK with stoning folks? Setting bears on children?

            • Turner: sheesh, you’re such a racist, attacking someone’s Bible.

              But let’s set you straight, nonetheless: the chapters you are referring to were meant to SCARE ancient Jews into marriage to keep the population growing through any adversity they encountered.

              They in fact, never performed the acts mentioned in what you refer to, as the ‘Old Testament’. There is no record of their ever having done this.

              And it’s not old, at least not to us, it is properly called TORAH, OK?

              ‘Old Testament’ is a Christian term.

              They were a warning to the People of Israel to conform to God’s law.

              Homosexuality was forced on many ancient Greeks. The Rabbis could see this destroyed the family, and they admonished their people harshly to not follow in that way.

              • Well, what do you think about death for Onanism? Yikes! (It’s Biblical. Look it up.) Now THAT would keep the population down for sure! Ever met a dude who didn’t practice Onanism now and then? Me neither. Neither Jew nor Gentile. Your book is as goofy as all the other religions out there.

                • Since you had no answer to my reasoned response, you had to go on, trying to pick apart my religion. You sound like a teenager, mad at the world.

                  The principle applied to onanism: the Rabbis wanted men to ‘save their seed’ for procreation.

                  But I tell you what- you can masturbate til you’re blue in the face, and I won’t tell your Mother, OK?

                  And calling Torah goofy is not going to change the viciousness of what gays are doing to Christian family businesses, will it?

                  You know you’ve lost your argument, when you resort to name-calling.

                • What name did I call? Here, Tina. This one’s for you! Crazy books are for crazy people. Sorry, but I was NOT born in the middle east some thousands of years ago. There’s nothing relevant to me in your religeeon. You might as well be Mormon for all I care. All religions are goofy. I believe that a real religion should originate in the country in which it is practiced. Hence, Native American spirituality appeals to me, for I was born in the USA!


                • Oh, one more thing: you say that a ‘real religion should ‘originate in the country that it is practised’.

                  Umm, it has to originate in that country in order for it to be practiced there, don’t you think? Duh.

                  But I’m wondering, if I practice Judaism in the USA, where I was born, are you saying that I have no right to practice it, as an American citizen?

                  Umm, are you against Freedom of Religion?

                  Where are my answers to my questions? Can’t you answer?

                  Did you know that the U.S. Constitution is based on both Native American concepts AND Judeo-Christian concepts?

                  Given the intelligence of your reasoning, my guess is that you don’t

                • I notice when you can’t answer my questions, you resort to calling the Bible goofy.

                  I asked you, why don’t gays go to a Moslem bakery?

                  Or a gay bakery?

                  Or a bakery that doesn’t care?

                  Where are my answers?

                  You expect me to answer your questions but not the other way around.

                  Special privileges for you?

                  And I was born in the USA too, so what’s your point?

    • Yeah, you are probably right and the police and Ms. Cahill are probably wrong.From KLXH tonight:

      Kalispell Police Chief Roger Nasset said, “There are things missing [from the clinic]. It is part of our investigation to find out what the intent was. It appears the location was selected because of the business provided there. But that is still part of the investigation that we are continuing with.”

      Nasset tells us the damage inside All Families Healthcare could total as much as $100,000.

      “There was extensive damage inside the office. So we called out our Major Case Unit to assist with evidence collection – just due to the amount of damage inside the office. We made contact with our local FBI office to see if they were interested in assisting with the investigation and they agreed to come on board with us,” Kalispell Police Captain Scott Warnell explained.

      “It just looked like they were trying to do damage to cause a problem for her trying to operate her business,” Warnell said.

      Cahill says this was not a random act: “They were absolutely targeting me, there is no doubt. This is religious terrorism. It’s absolutely scary.”

      • Don, you should stay up with the news.

        “Officers also found a footwear impression in the powder, along with blood at the scene. They were informed that about $950 was missing from the office.

        Later on March 4, the Kalispell Police Department received a report of a burglary in process at Bob’s Bail Bonds on South Main Street. The owner reported that a man was trying to force his way into the business; the description of the man matched a man found about one block from the bail bonds office.

        An officer approached the man, identified as Klundt, and noticed the butt of a handgun in Klundt’s jacket. The officer removed the gun, which he reported was loaded with a full magazine and a spare magazine in the holster.

        Klundt allegedly told the officer he had been at the bail bonds office to speak with the owner, but the owner identified Klundt as the man attempting to break in.

        Officers reported observing cuts on Klundt’s hands and finding glass shards in his pocket, and about $915 in another pocket. They also allegedly matched Klundt’s shoe tread pattern to that of the impression found at the clinic.

        A search of Klundt’s residence turned up several boxes of medical supplies, along with medical documents, all of which were reported missing from the clinic. “

        • I love how you chose not to quote this portion of the article, which shows intent to vandalize and not just steal:

          Responding officers found shattered glass from the window of the door to the office, and found that the interior of the building was damaged extensively, according to court documents.

          This included damage to art, furniture, medical instruments and supplies, as well as filing cabinets. Additionally, officers found a yellow powder covering “almost everything.”

          Further investigation into the basement of the First Avenue East building revealed damage to the main sewer line, the furnace, and the water heater. Officers also found damage on the outside door leading to the basement, consistent with someone trying to break in from the outside.

  • mr klundt will now be able to work on his white supremnit recruitment efforts while doing his prison ministry! And hey, no NEED for abortion where’s he’s goin’! Condoms maybe, but abortions, no! He can take heart in the fact that he’s now a martyr for JAYsus! He’ll have plenty of time to reflect upon that. And when he gets out, he’ll be the Flathead’s own chucky colson! Prison is good for sumthin’!

  • It’s obvious that “Tina,” who may or may not be a woman, is just throwing out stupid, hate-filled commentary to stir up the liberals who comment here. It’s a game to “Tina.” I’m not responding to his or her stuff anymore.


      You deflected all my questions using personal attacks on religion to do it.
      YOU, sir, are the troll. Afraid of a debate?
      And YES, I am a woman.

      Don P:
      Some articles for you to read concerning gay activism against Christian businesses:

      Gay- marriage debate takes new twist in Oregon: Religious….

      Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Oregon Bakery that denied Gay……/caterer-refuses….wedding-article – 1.577709

      This one is excellent, it’s ‘conservative’, but why don’t you look at what the ‘other side’ is saying:

    • And Don won’t let me respond to yours.

      My comment with the info he asked for has been sitting in moderation for a couple of hours.

      • I have lots of articles posted about gay destruction of various businesses that ‘liberal, open-minded’ Don P. won’t let out of moderation.

        Umm, censorship, much? Can’t stand the truth much?

        Don, you’re such a coward.

        • Tina,

          Your insightful comment and links were held in moderation automatically by WordPress. As I was at my job teaching all day today, I was unable to read your comment, much less approve it.

          It’s approved now–and I’d like an apology.

          • I apologize.

            Your comments from before didn’t seem that open-minded, so I assumed you had blocked it.

            I should not have assumed.

        • Tina, I don’t remember you asking me any questions. Nor am I in the habit of answering loaded questions, those that imply a particular response, by including those implications in the questions themselves.

          • You mean, like Turner asked ME? Lol.

            My questions about the particular choice of bakery the gays went to and demanded service from are there for all to see.

            My questions exposed the fact that the gay couple in question was on a mission to destroy the Christian bakery ON PURPOSE, as are other gays doing across the nation to other Christian bakeries.

            • No. Your questions implied conspiracy with absolutely no proof. One of your own links above (the only one that seemed to work, that is) clear;y shows that a gay couple went to a florist they had patronized for years, and were shocked to learn that their money was ‘gay money’ when it came to a wedding.

              Since you seem to have missed the obvious, businesses are not required to display their biases, any more than customers are required to display their orientations. perhaps you’d be more comfortable in a world where ‘the gays’ had to wear pink triangles so that businesses could, with good conscience, deny all gay patronage?

              • I love your vitriol: Auschwitz pink triangles! Labeling! Dogs! Gas chambers!

                Calm down.

                These people had no problem with gay customers, but when it came to a wedding, their religious views said no. And they have a right to that. If they were so ‘hateful’ of gays, why did they serve them in the first place? She took HIS HAND for God’s sake, how hateful is that? Not very.

                These Christian businesses know if they stand up for their beliefs, there is a good chance that they might be sued by vicious people. But they said NO to them anyway, so you KNOW they are firm in their beliefs.

                Now these vicious gays go running to the GOVERNMENT, like spoiled brats, screaming for their ‘rights’. Where is the right of these family businesses to say no to something that deeply offends them?

                And why would these gay people WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

                Why would you want to give business to people who don’t like you, thus setting up bad feelings all around? Why force a photographer to take pictures of your wedding, ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY, when you know they find it repulsive, and are deeply upset by an intrusive court order to do it? What kind of sick bastard do you have to be, to want that?

                You want it when you’re vicious. And when you’re being used by the gov’t to force change on the culture, which the gov’t has no business doing.

                They are trying to force homosexuality on the culture, cuz they know it demoralizes us and reduces the birth rate, which through history, it always has. Collectivists have always done this.

                There are a hundred other bakeries to choose from. Live and let live. Those gays sued someone they had known for years. Wow, it really IS all about them, isn’t it?

                Unfortunately, here in California, I have known many gays; they are totally superior to you and me, at least they think they are.

                They’re miserable to be around. And they want everyone else to be miserable with them. Truthful studies show they are less than 1% of the population (and some gays have admitted that the 10% figure is a lie).

                And they are furious at us straights who they perceive to have more choices of mates, and options in life.

                Well, excuse me all to hell, I’m not going to apologize for being straight, although they desperately want me to.

                If they want respect, they are going to give a little, to get along with everyone else.

                By the way, on the links I sent you, I put in the title so you could google it, in case the link didn’t work, which happens so often these days.

                • Hate? Yes, I admit it. I HATE you people! How can I possibly satirize your folks? I can’t. And that’s why I and most of the country LOATHE you fundiwackmentalists! You’re so far off the rails, you’re al READY funny!

                  But seriously, are the gays really trying to wrench your beliefs outta your little bodies? Geez, weren’t in there real good to start with, were they? BTW, what I THINK you folks should be made to wear is a little cross with a “L” on it. That way, we can easily identify you as a loser xtian wacko!

                • Larry,
                  I love it when you liberals show your true colors: name-calling, religion attacking, and personal attacks.

                  Did you just say you hate us? Let the record show that the liberal said ‘hate’.

                  Uh, made to wear an L on our necks? Kind of like the Jewish Yellow Star they made us wear back in the day?

                  You people are such hypocrites: you call US haters, then show us YOU are the haters, as it has always been.

                  I call people like you ‘tolerance tyrants’. Try that one on for size, cuz it fits.

                  And let’s get something straight: we Jews survive by making jokes and satirizing the Holocaust (Shoah). We joke about everything.

                  Why? THAT’S HOW WE SURVIVE.

                  We Yids have ALWAYS joked about our predicaments- it keeps us going! Shows you know nothing about Jewish culture.

                  I could tell you Jewish jokes told by MY RABBI that would make sensible people roll on the floor- but you’re too much of a politically-corrected pussy to listen to them without fainting.

                  My advice: lighten up.

  • Tina, I’m certainly glad that you enjoyed my previous comment so much, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to tell me what to do. Ya’see, I don’t do requests.

    This is the long and short of your rants and their outcomes: You are afraid. You are vicious and mean spirited, terrified that others may discover what you’ve already made obvious to us. You attempt to rationalize your lashing out by blaming others for the very sins/crimes you yourself can’t deal with. These are the facts: ‘The left’ is not a homogenous unit with an agenda to be foolishly confused with ‘the gays agenda’ at your convenience ‘The gays’ haven’t destroyed a single business, poor business decisions have. You are advocating that people in this free society should place specific religious tenets (that you happen to agree with) above the law which founds the very society itself. That is the very behavior of the Taliban, or any group who advocate for theocracy. Urging that the government of the people defend a particular social order in the name of national and spiritual identity rather than the rights of all as defined by law is the textbook definition of fascist belief. These are all simple facts, rationally and dispassionately stated.

    I’m certainly never going to convince you of anything. You are a ‘Believer’, convinced that your relationship with your deity confirms that your every whim serves ‘The Truth’. Bully for you. But the particular delusions inspired by your ‘belief’ aren’t going to change anyone else’s mind either, no matter how many times you tantrum that your loaded questions ‘must be answered!’. Now, perhaps if your magic invisible and inscrutable sky wizard would speak to us plainly as opposed to speaking through someone such as yourself …

    • I love how you try to psycho-analyze me and ‘tell’ me what I think.

      The arrogance.

      There is freedom of religion in this country, and it looks like the gays are going to learn the hard way. As will you.

      You ran right over the solid question of why gays would want people who don’t like them at their ceremonies. The person afraid is YOU, cuz you won’t answer ‘loaded’ questions that will show the truth if you answer them

      You can’t answer cuz it shows gays for what they are: vicious and messed up.

      You know, if I had been the judge, my response would be to help both sides: tell the gays to go to another bakery; that way the gays get what they want, and the religious get what they want.

      Or maybe you’re too invested in seeing the ‘evil religious’ (whoever they are) crawl on their hands and knees?

      Would you like that? You strike me as the type that does. If you can speculate on what I think, I can certainly return the favor, can’t I?

      You won’t address the issue of gays viciously attacking these people.

      It is a simple matter of getting along, something which you don’t want. You want violent capitulation. You won’t get it.

      We will help the religious by buying extra from their now-destroyed businesses that they run out of their homes. Cupcakes in the mail to Southern California! LOL

      But I’ll do it to defeat your tyranny.

      • Oh Lord Jesus, look what your “followers” have become.

        Please, tina, cite ONE instance in the Holy Bible by Jesus Himself to support your hatred.

        You are without shame.

        • Larry,

          I would be embarrassed to be you- you’re as low as they come. You can’t and won’t debate honestly, you persist with name-calling, and just WON’T address the issues at hand.

          I am trying to get through to you on the basis of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and common sense, NOT ‘the Holy Bible’, which we Jews don’t read. We call ours Torah, or Tanach, for the whole thing.

          Do you know the difference in between Jews and Christians? Or are you THAT uninformed?

          You are rich , you say you HATE ME, than tell ME I have hatred.

          Dude, never mind the lightening up, as I instructed you in my last e-mail; better yet: see a therapist for that hate problem of yours, little liberal.

          PS: Do you read the stuff I write, so you can make a reasoned response?

          You don’t, do you.

          • Tina, my whole point has been very simple. There is no possibility of “honest debate” with a Believer such as yourself. As Turner pointed out way on up there, you pick and choose your morality. You rail against the gays, but not against American Apparel for mixing cotton and polyester. Do you boycott Applebees for serving pork and shellfish? If you think the laws of your Torah trump the laws of the United States then you appear remarkably hypocritical if you don’t engage in those actions.

            There is not one word in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that allows for religious belief to contradict the laws of the United States. If you dream this very night that Yahwey asks you to sacrifice your first born, nothing will keep you out of prison should you attempt it. Not even the first amendment.

            Your not making any ‘common sense’ or really any sense at all. You are telling us that the gays are vicious evil people that want nothing more than to destroy others. The only one I see taking any destructive action here is you.

            • I don’t viciously sue people cuz ‘my little feelings are hurt’; it takes a lot more than that.
              THEY are the destroyers, not me; all I’m doing is arguing with you. And as long as you continue to insult me, I will retaliate with the truth.

              If I want something completely kosher, I wouldn’t bother with American Apparel, I would go to a Jewish store in Los Angeles where they cater exclusively to the observant Jewish crowd. They have grocery stores, bakeries (LOL), clothing stores, and many others that fit the rabbinical dictates.


              Under the 4th Amendment, I have a right to the privacy of my own religion.

              You’ve blown your point here completely.

              And you keep trying to put stupid words in my mouth.

              You don’t like our ancient stories? Don’t read them.

              Did you know the owner of American Apparel has gotten in trouble for sexually harassing his female employees?

              Why did you pick THAT particular store?

              Do you approve of his actions?

              Continue to call me names and I will continue to retaliate. with the truth.

                • Larry,

                  It is YOU who threw my religion in my face, and then lied and said I used it to ‘jusify’. Did you notice, at all, that I used common sense solutions, and not Biblical ones, when I talked about what to do with what the gays were doing?

                  That when I spoke of the Bible, it was in response to your stupid questions and accusations about it?

                  You didn’t read anything I wrote, did you? Go back and read what I wrote in response to your whining.


                • Well, if not the Bible, or Torah as you love to call it, just WHY do you hate gay people? I mean, heck, I don’t really CARE who sticks whose whozit into whose whatzit! Why should you? Have you really led such a charmed little Jewish life that this is really a big issue for you? Wow. Just wow. I feel sorry for you, but I can’t feel your pain. Sorry, but I don’t hate gay people. Nr does our new Pope. You lose. Find a new topic to hate. Just sayin’. Your brand of religious hatred has had its day. And if anyone, a REAL Jew would understand that.

      • Tina, the arrogance is on your part in not understanding how your behavior comes through what you write. I don’t know you save from what you’ve written here; and given that, my description is positively spot on. See, you don’t get to tell me who you are when everything you write is evidence to the contrary. That’s the simple basics of existentialism. The simple evidence is that you are terrified of gay people and unreasonably lashing out at them for unfounded reasons.

        For the record, the whole idea of “evil religious people” crawling on their hands and knees is a little too perversely psycho-sexual for my tastes. Still, I hope you have a good time with it.

        • Rob, do you realize I could say the same about you guys?

          You won’t address the issues– what does THAT look like, Rob?

          And “you don’t get to tell me who you are”?

          Uh, there’s nobody better to tell you who I am than me.

          ‘Psycho-sexual’? Umm, maybe you should see a therapist too… Wow, it’s YOU who saw sex in that and brought it up….

  • As a client / patient of Susan Cahill I hope that she stays in business and continues the great work she (and her staff) provide.
    A young man, with a concealed pistol and extra magazine, who did that type of damage (to that extent) as well as taking files (confidential patient records) should be tried as a domestic terrorist under Federal guidelines. What he did shows hate, was to instill fear (terror), and affect the economic ability of a professional.

    A point that I would like to make, Susan Cahill does not run an “abortion clinic”. This is poor journalism. This place is a family health clinic. That procedure is only one small part of the entire practice. That is akin to saying KRMC is a morgue, or that the Sportsman only sells skis…
    As a man, I am disgusted that I can have a vasectomy as easy as getting a beer, but women still do not have rights to their bodies without the world telling them what they should do….a poster stated in her (Susan’s) office, “if men could become pregnant, birth control would be mandatory”… (or something like that)… Stay strong Susan, more of the community is with you, than those sick people whom are against you….

      • Don; I appreciate you posting this news article, and allowing an open discussion (which at times is hijacked and wanders off into personal belief of what some “feel / believe” to be the issue, and in that it is the Erwin Schrödinger paradox ….no one will win) …but we all need to address the hate filled attack that happened. Not OUR beliefs of why it happened. To destroy the sewer main inside the offices, to take private patient records….and who knows who had access to them, or what may have been copied, …and to commit this act not only with a concealed weapon, but to have an extera clip (magazine) ….this was a bit more that breaking in to find cash and leave….

        • I absolutely agree. I can’t understand how anyone could believe this was a simple case of a break-in, given the damage done and the connections between the person alleged to have done it and the anti-choice movement.

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