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Zinke Update: He’s Being “Attacked”–and Passes the Ammunition

Poor Ryan Zinke. After calling former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “the Anti-Christ” and “the real enemy,” he ran to the friendly confines of the conservative Montana radio show The Flint Report to cry and whine that he was the one who had been attacked. Never denying what he said, Zinke mewled:

“I’ve already been put on the Obama campaign enemy list- and they’re just gonna attack.  That’s all these people do is attack, attack, attack.”

I am entirely sure that the Obama “campaign” is not attacking the former State Senator. It’s his own words and actions, as a candidate who will say anything to appear moderate one day and then turn around to pander to a rightwing audience the next.

It seems Zinke may have misjudged one audience, though. A number of people have told me about his bizarre performance at the weekly Hometown Helena event, a52ec08ffeb6ea.preview-300 performance that included lying about the MEA/MFT, some troubling sexism—and handing out some .50 cal ammunition as part of his commitment to protect “gun rights.” Politics USA confirms that Zinke has made a habit of handing out the ammunition at events.

I’m certainly no gun expert, but this video shows some .50 cal ammunition in action. By any measure, that’s probably not the kind of weapon someone needs for hunting or home defense, unless the home in question is the militia hideout.

That’s another shift from Zinke, who as recently as 2011, said that there needed to be restrictions on “military-level” weapons, telling Cody Bloomsburg:

He’s pro-gun but he doesn’t believe in the public ownership of military-level weapons. And he says there are some places where guns just don’t belong, like schools.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about some of the fringe groups Zinke met with while he was the chairman of Special Operations for America.

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  • Geez, all I asked for was some proof! What metric did he use to determine that Hitlary is the anti? Is that asking so much? Must be the teacher in me. Show your work, Barking Seal, or forever look the dufus you are! Show your work, and then support your work with facts!

  • I have a few fifties, but probably not for the same reason the Barking Seal does. But I would sure take some free ammo if he’s still passing it around!

    I think it’s time for a question before anyone goes into the military. Are you now or have you ever been a christofascist? Are you now or have you ever been a cryptofascist? What comes first, the country and Constitution, or your bizarre notion of Jaysus?

      • Of course I will ask him. I will ask him if HE has any fifty ammo I can have to blow sh*t up with! Armor piercing incendiary works quite well! You see, craig, the Barking Seal is like the guy who get’s laid for the first time and THINKS he’s discovered sex! Well, some of us are WAY ahead of tin foil hat dude! He’s givin’ fifty ammo away to puhhraize Jaysus! I got a fifty to blow sh*t UP with! BIG difference, doncha think? BTW, Jesus tol’ me to protect His creation and His creatures, so that’s what I will do! Puts a whole new light on fun with fifties, don’t it?

        Don’t be too impressed with the Barking Seal. The dude’s a moron. Moron’s make very poor real soldiers!

        • p.s. And craig, I think that the Barking Seal would do better by handing out TOILET paper to cover his crap!….err, I mean tracks! Gonna be a looong time before folks stop rememberin’ him and his baldheaded own CIA clown buddy runnin’ the goofiest campaign in a looong time! Whatever happened to Baldy boy? Heck, if I ever travel overseas again, I might NEED his advice book on gettin’ laid at the Magic Fingers! I hope his book includes addresses and prices! Kind of a GPSS, a Global Positioning Sexual Service! Ain’t technology grand?

          And for all you Billings readers, an old joke. Didja hear about the old lady who got molested on Broadwater? She thought it was Grand!

          • And this one is a true story that I was told by a cop buddy. It really happened. The cops caught a quite inebriated couple goin’ at it on the court house lawn in the bushes. Well sir, the dude who was interrupted in the act was very angry and said that the COPS should get a ticket not him, a ticket for disturbing the piece!

            (yes, Don, feel free to erase that one)

  • AH Zinke…. Obama already won twice — even with you throwing your spitballs on the fire. Your not on “Obama’s Enemy list.” In fact thats rather Laughable at this point! Your are on, “Sane people who know better than to vote for You,” List. Not to mention the “Veterans who know your a snakeoil salesman,” List. Plus: “The Democrats who don’t like Tea Party Shenanigans,” list

    Not that it matters when you talk to a fellow bomb thrower like AAron Flint– the one guy, that every intelligent human who has a taboo list — has placed Aaron on as well.

    Can’t wait for that Butte Station to go up!

    • From the Flathead Beacon–

      Sen. Max Baucus:
      “After five years of studies and red tape, it’s well past time to put Americans to work building the Keystone pipeline. The president’s own State Department has released three studies showing there will be no harm to the environment. There are no more excuses left. Americans can’t afford to wait any longer for Keystone jobs.”

      Sen. Jon Tester:
      “I will keep fighting for the Keystone Pipeline until it is built to the highest safety standards and with respect for private property rights. The pipeline will strengthen our economy and let us continue to cut our oil imports from countries that wish us harm.”

      Rep. Steve Daines:
      “The U.S. State Department issued its final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL pipeline, which once again confirmed what the people of Montana have known for more than five years: the Keystone XL pipeline will have no significant impacts on the environment, but it will create hundreds of good Montana jobs and help keep energy prices low for hard-working Montana families. Report after report has stated that the Keystone XL pipeline will not have significant environmental impacts, yet President Obama refuses to act. No more excuses, no more delays — it’s time to build the Keystone XL pipeline.”

      From the Sidney Herald, John Walsh:

      “I can tell you that we’re here today to celebrate the fact that Montana is open for business,” Walsh said. “Eastern Montana is the land of opportunity. It is home to the biggest energy boom in America. That’s something we can be proud of.”

      The Bozeman Daily Chroncile reports that John Lewis supports the pipeline.

      Hell, even Brian Schweitzer has been a major cheerleader lambasting opponents of the pipeline.

      Larry, wouldn’t it be more effective just to protest at their offices until these wayward Dems bend to your will and see the light like Blues Brother John Beluschi?

      • craig, all the Kockh brothers have is gazillions. All I and my Native pals have are our light sabers. I feel sorry for the Kockh brothers. You should read your Ranger history some time. Good trumps evil every time. You see, when you enter the fight pure and unencumbered with greed, hatred of the Earth, lack of spirituality, and soullessness, you don’t stand a chance.

        Now, I’m not saying that it’s gonna be easy. Never has been. And I don’t know how we will win this thing, but we will. JUST like we did with I-137. The outcome is fore ordained. Will I survive it? Possibly not. But win we will. And I take great comfort in that.

        I have seen many good enviro friends die before they could see the results of their efforts. But that’s just the way it is. It’s the cycle of life. And really, life is what it’s all about. WE think that Mother Earth is enough. We will protect Her as best we can, for it’s the only mother we have. The sooner we get this fight on, the more will be left for our progeny, and the LESS for the big Kockhs of the world!

        • According to the Pew Research Center some 65% of Americans support the pipeline. You not only have the politicians against you but most of the people. To achieve your goal you would have to invert public opinion. Waving a magic wand short on pixie dust just doesn’t do it.

          • Oh ye of so little faith. I thought you inbreds were all ABOUT faith. But it turns out you’re not. I feel sorry for you. Never had a religious experience of any type, have you? Well, I assure you that EVERY Ranger and Native in this fight know exactly what needs to be done. I’ll tell you the exact same thing that I told every FBI asshole that showed up on my door and expressed amazement of our confidence of winning this thing. I told the FBI, after explaining to them the situation, that they would be dropping their guns and joining with us before this thing is over! True story. Ask your FBI buddies.

            p.s. And THAT alone scares the livin’ SH*T outta the fascist bastards! I kinda almost feel sorry for them. Not really. They chose their path in life. The CHOSE evil. And now, just like at Nuremburg, they must pay the price for their evil!

            Am I confident? Completely. Doesn’t matter who supports this thing. When the sh*t hits the fan, the people will understand. And then, there’s no goin’ back. Why do you think the Nazzi bastards are so afraid, craig? Only ONCE did they meet actual resistance, and that was here in Montana, from the Rangers. And they didn’t LIKE the taste of defeat!

            True story. During the cyanide heapleach wars, we got many anonymous phone calls. One in particular was quite interesting. It was from a New York number. The caller stated simply, “Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got them scared sh*tless”! I kinda like messages like that, don’t you?

    • BTW, Warren Buffet hopes you are successful in stopping the pipeline as he is investing an additional 5 billion in his railroad, BNFS. Gotta haul that Montana coal and Bakken oil, monopolize the transport… and make a huge profit.

      • Wont matter Craig! the rails will continue to expand carrying Tar sands oil and the toxins to make it more malleable. The Proposed rail safety guidelines will move as quickly as the pipeline Guidelines……..Which is not at all!

        The railroad story is a Ruse concocted by the GOP and compliant democrats since their campaign donations have risen almost 300% from Oil Companies since 1999.

        Lastly Rail incidents regarding oil spills are finite to the number of cars carrying the crap. Pipelines spill 100x more and are far more dangerous.

  • Here’s a quote from Ryan Zinke in an August 2012 interview with Hunter Walker of online magazine: “I don’t stoop to personal attacks,” he said. “You know, I’m not from Chicago. In Montana, we do things a little differently.”

  • Ah yes. Welcome to Bigot Sky Country, home to inbreds of all stripes. We got ourselves some diversity here. We got racists, bigots, inbreds, reetarts, Teatarts, Reepube farts, and a WHOLE bunch-o morons with NO smarts! And their leader? Herr Schtinke! From Seal Team Six to Chicks with dicks!, err, I mean guns. BIG guns! What a freakin’ joke these morons are. Welcome to DEER Lodge, inbreds! We’ll see how long you last in there with your vaunted racist beliefs! Can you say, “SCUSE me, Bubba. Can I please have my soap back??””

  • Holy cow! Now that’s funny! Things go better with the Kockh brothers, or do they? Coming to a Montana town near you soon! Methinks the antebellum tea smellin’ inbreds should take notice be FORE they attempt a new civil war! But they won’t.

    The Kockhs have been outed, and they hate that. They preferred to operate in the dark, where the dark money form the deep recesses of their fascist minds lurked! John Birch’s body lies a’mouldering in the grave, and his hate goes marching on!

  • Here’s what Herr Zinke needs, a MARCHING tune! Like this one, for their cause is equally noble! Yes, how ’bout it, boys? A good rousing chorus of John Birch’s Body! Now THAT’S a tune an inbred can march to as they arrest the judge down there in the south, Bozeman that is! Freedumb is at stake there, the freedumb we lost when we lost the FIRST civil war! It’s time to take our country back, starting with the south! Southern Montana! Mint Julips all around! Now, if we could just find some slave reenactors, things would be perfect!

    • And your problem with that is what again? The information I post bothers you enough to comment on it? Why? You really should not be afraid of what I post. If you had a wee bit more time in the game, maybe you’d understand. But you don’t. It’s all new to you. I have been fighting for the environment and against the racsists and fascists for at least twenty-five years here in Montana. Many times alone! And you have been here how long again? Look, I know that you fern bar sandal wearin’ Mizzoo carpetbaggers love to believe the world revolves around you. Well it doesn’t. I find y0u to be an arrogant little twit with a HUGE ego. That’s all. When YOU make international news, and get written up in numerous books, get back with me, wouldja? I’ll wait.

      • I could care less about your content, it just gets old sifting through the masturbatory drippings you leave everywhere. I assume that’s why cowgirl gave you the boot.

        • That’s funny. I actually enjoy when folks post links to useful articles. Lynn does it all the time. She’s very good at finding good articles.

          • a few off topic links, fine. you, Larry, spam threads. it’s obnoxious. I have no issue with Lynn’s links at Cowgirl because she doesn’t YELL and nickname all thems teetards.

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