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Honorable Ryan Zinke Calls Hillary Clinton “Anti-Christ”

It makes sense that a candidate for the US House running in the current climate of the Montana Republican Party would have to burnish his conservative credentials, especially if that candidate has a track record as a pro-choice gun control advocate who previously bragged about being a moderate. It’s hard to criticize a candidate for playing to his base in a primary, especially a primary likely to be split evenly between those who believe in Supremacy Clause and those who don’t.

But there should be limits to the discourse in politics, especially in a country riven by deep political divides that seem insurmountable. Former State Senator and current House candidate Ryan Zinke crossed that line the other day, when he decided, at a public event,  to refer to former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “the anti-Christ.”

The Bigfork Eagle reports that Zinke made his remark to a group of Republican supporters:

“We need to focus on the real enemy,” he said, referring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he called the “anti-Christ.”

Ironically, Zinke made the remarks about Senator Clinton at the same event where he said how important it is to have honor and decency.

Zinke said he wants to restore truth, grace, honor and decency, which he called “our moral compass. It’s always been Judeo-Christian,” he said.

While that kind of rhetoric might be appropriate on a Montana militia message board, it’s unconscionable for a federal candidate to speak like that, no matter how pathetically desperate he is to give the impression he’s a “real conservative.”

We can—and must—passionately disagree with one another on questions of policy in this country.  We can certainly do that without this kind of reactionary hate-filled nonsense.

I’d like to say Mr. Zinke can do better. I’m just not sure that’s true.

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  • I knew it! The anti Christ is a WOO man! Wouldn’t you know it! But wait. We all thought that O’bummer was the anti Christ, for he has the mark of the beast, dark skin! So which IS it, Barking Seal Herr Zlinke? Is it Hitlary or the black lookin’ mark-of-the -beast dude? Maybe our inbred pals could clear this UP for us! Where is craig? craig, would you mind laying out the case and presenting all the factual evidence to indicate just WHY the Barking Seal chose Hitlary when O’bummer appears to be the natural choice? I don’t get it. I mean, he IS after all a liar, a deceiver, a Mooselum non-believer! Dust of John and make the case using point by point evidence to sup PORT the Baking Seal’s claim in a scholarly manner! I mean it’s all in there in the Buybull.

    Look, my big concern here is that we don’t want to make Montana the laffing stock of the country again. If Herr Zlinke has proof, let’s HAVE it so that he don’t look like a complete buffoon who played too much football without a helmet! Maybe he should’a outt’a wore his tin foil HAT under his helmet too! Maybe he did!!!!

    Pubbies. I’ll never unnerstand’em!

  • All the Tea Partiers I talk too on a regular Basis watched the prez’s speech at my request. None of them are seeing him as evil anymore. Including one who, shed the hate, and ignorance and joined the democrats right after the supposed Kenyan spoke…… I am taking them from Craig’s party about one a week now. It is amazing when you send them to the source to Listen.

    I think a lot of sudden Intelligence can be traced back to the 4g technology that finally came to Dillon. Some people are now finally getting past the Obama Hate chain emails, and starting to surf the web. They are seeing first hand the hate in the Tea Baggers…. and it truly isn’t their cup of tea!

  • Oopsie! Kommdante Herr Zlinke the Barking Seal done made it to the BIG time! What better way to kick off your campaign than by embarrassing the hell outta Montana?! Great job, nut job! BTW, where’s craigy to defend his buddy?

    “Vee vill haf zee zivil VAR”!, also attributed to the Kommandante. This is what happens when your tin foil hat is too tight!

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