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Go See Inequality for All


I saw former Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s Inequality for All this evening at the Myrna Loy and can’t recommend it enough. It’s incisive, honest, and funny.

Most importantly, it addresses the greatest threat to American democracy and stability: the profoundly destabilizing gap between those who have money in America and those who don’t, no matter how hard they work.

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  • I saw it , too (my name is in the credits). While thought it was a very good film, I also though Reich’s analysis did not go far enough. Inequality is a feature of capitalism, not a bug. After all the time that he’s spent on the issue, you’d think that he would understand that restoring equality by tinkering with financial markets is an outcome that would easily be tipped again in the other direction (building yet another inequality span in that suspension bridge metaphor). We really can do better than that.

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