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Zinke SuperPAC Goes Full Code Red on Veterans Day

On a day when political leaders from all points of view give honor to the veterans who have served the United States armed forces, Ryan Zinke’s Super PAC Special Forces for America went its typically classy direction, offering this message:

Pardon the error. This was the  garbled, incoherent message from their web site:

Today we put on notice; the cowardly, who seek to undermine and challenge the sacrifice and heroism of America’s Veteran. You pass judgement (sic) yet you never served, you make accusations, yet you don’t understand that the right to make these judgments and accusations are attributed to the blood, sweat, and tears of America’s Heroes and their families.  You seek to create controversy yet you will be the first to hide behind a Veteran when real danger is present.  So tonight, while you are lying comfortably in your warm bed thinking about the next days plan to undermine America’s heroes, just remember; these heroes have stood and continue to stand watch over America, so you may rest easy and excercise (sic)your freedom of speech.

One of the hallmark principles of the United States is that the military is subject to civilian oversight and control. We don’t always live up to that aspiration, but in the United States, both those who serve in the military and those do not have every right to express their opinions and even to “make accusations.”

I’d argue that criticism when the military overreaches doesn’t “undermine” what veterans have sacrificed; it honors their service, even the service of veterans who write and think like this.

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  • Only a freakin’ MORON allows military service to define their existence! You see, if you’re an empty vessel to BEGIN with, the military fills you up with a raison d’etre! These SOFA, So F*cked UP dudes, are simply pathetic. They have NOTHING to do with real life. They are living in a movie, their own personal Rambo! And that’s just real sad. No, pathetic really. Everyone else came home to get ON with their lives, and these losers are still fighting the last war! They are just like the fat slobs at the bar still re-living the glory days of their old softball teams! Sad, so sad. Get OVER it, boys. The world has passed you by!

    LK, Nam Vet

    • p.s. NUTHIN’ more pathetic than a loser who makes a friggin’ CAREER outta the military! We called’em flies, maggots and lifers. You see, THESE were the dudes who found a freakin’ HOME in the military, the dudes who couldn’t make it on the outside. THEY were the dudes who en reality were the ones who lacked real courage, for the real world is a scary place. The military is safe. Three hots and a cot, and a lifer pension upon retirement! Their ONLY worry is gettin’ so fat that they get kicked outta the military! Sorry to be so blunt, but ask any real vet and they’ll tell you the same! All this military bluster is bullshit and VERY un-American!

  • Don and Larry are spot on. I have little or no patience for those who suggest that unless you engage in military-style, battlefield combat, you just aren’t a real American. And thanking a vet means you condone warfare as an inevitable outcome of conflict and disagreement. That ordering people around is the hallmark of a leader. These are the bankrupt notions of the underdeveloped morality.
    I will sleep in my warm bed tonight, but I’ll not be complacently believing that my comfortable western lifestyle was made possible because people were killed. As a Christian, I find such a conclusion reprehensible and more in keeping with an effort to confirm existing bias and bolster flimsy self esteem. It is way more complicated. Just because we now have a mammoth military-industrial complex (might) doesn’t make it right. Thank a disabled vet – better yet, ask if you can run an errand or do a chore for them, or give freely to the DAV!

  • Zinke talks a great game doesn’t he?

    The guy would have toss out of the service for expenditures that weren’t approved of, if he didn’t leave the military, basically he stole from us taxpayers.

    But oh hes a patriot? Yeah right up there with the other crooks like defense contractors who stole from our government as well.

    In a less corrupt world this guy might just be getting out of Jail with some of the low hanging fruit bank executives.

    Then there is this Super -PAc of his, smells like a fish market for politicos on a hot day, to me.

    No thanks Zinke! I like my Veterans day because they served nobly in an imperfect world, and I wanna give back…not make money off of them.

    Thats all your doing now making money off the suffering of our soldiers!

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