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Rick Hill Thinks Ryan Zinke’s Front Group Should Be Investigated

Well, this is getting interesting. Former Republican candidate for governor Rick Hill is calling for an investigation into the fundraising relationship between Ryan Zinke and his Astroturf Special Operations for America organization. From Mr. Hill’s Facebook page:


In a comment, Hill explains his criticism further, echoing my complaint about SOFA. He writes:

SOFA is purportedly an independent entity. The problem for me is that it was organized by the candidate and has been used to promote the candidate. And here it is being used to promote the candidate. It is the candidate’s association with SOFA that raises these concerns with me.

Ryan Zinke’s personal Super PAC offered this response:

What should we do Friends?? Normally, we stay above the fray as an organization that is supported by Veterans, Military Families and Patriots, 100% ethical and 100% legal. HOWEVER when someone takes a direct shot, we think we need to respond. Rick Hill from Montana is taking shots at SOFA and suggesting we should be investigated — C’MON RICK, if you had one ounce of ethics, you would be in the Governors Mansion right now. Maybe Rick is trying to TEST THE WATERS HIMSELF on a run for Congress (again), either way, he is in absolutely no position to bring up ethics on anyone.

Astonishingly, the site went on to quote Bob Brigham, who rightly criticized Hill for trying to accept $500,000 from the Montana GOP. They quote Brigham’s post on Left in the West, which attacked Hill’s ethics and the legality of his campaign fundraising in 2012.

It seems as if everyone other than Montana political press knows that Zinke’s relationship with Special Operations for America needs to be investigated and reported on. Today, Montana Street fighter developed my story about Zinke’s peculiar financial relationship with SOFA, but when a leader of the Montana Republican Party, a self-proclaimed “big tent Republican,” publicly calls for a federal investigation, isn’t it time for the media to pay some attention as well?

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  • SOFA is SO F*cked up that one would THINK ace reeeeporter jourANAList jonny adams would look into it! I mean, after all, jonny’s the dud the broke the Walt Schweitzer scandal that had such a horrendous effect on Montana. Oh wait, I guess I misspoke again!

    But really, the Barking Seal is too liberal for even me! I mean, ANY good fascist organization contains “veterans, military families, and ‘patiridiots'”, but WHERE are the Christians???!! Why no CHRISTIANS, barking seal?

    Yes, friends, SOFA is SO F*cked up that it truly is an amazingly bizarre entry into Montana politics! ONLY an inbred moron from down south like Pastor Bulbdim and his flock of flockers refer to themselves as patriots! What a bunch-o maroons!

  • What is the most reprehensible is Commander Zinke’s completely insane rant that the ambassador in Benghazi was tortured and raped, a claim that not even Romney and the most extreme teabaggers rolled out over a year ago, so if that’s the kind of integrity that we see in this retired commissioned FEDERAL officer (who draws a check, just like the other ‘gummint’ whiners), I say no thanks and SHAME commander.

    • I think that comes in second in his shameful actions–and I wrote about it earlier, too. It was shameful, but probably not as shameful as attacking President Obama for outing Navy SEAL Team Six when it was Zinke himself who did it.

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