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Perennial Candidate Corey Stapleton Gets Slapped Down in ATP Decision


While I imagine there will be a lot of ink (virtual and real) spent discussing the Commissioner of Political Practice’s decision today outlining the fraudulent and criminal behavior of American Tradition Partnership and its bought and paid for legislative candidates, I was particularly struck by a reference to Congressional candidate Corey Stapleton, who received special attention in the decision:


In other words, Motl ruled that campaign treasurer Corey Stapleton was so negligent in his duties that a potential legal remedy could be to bar him from seeking future elective office in Montana. For a career politician, that would be a serious—and warranted—penalty.

That Stapleton would either lack oversight or ethics in his campaign fundraising comes as little surprise to those of us who closely followed his bid for the governor’s chair in 2012. Back then, the Stapleton campaign was blatantly abusing loose “pass the hat” campaign regulations to either collect more money than they were allowed to or to pass off donations they couldn’t otherwise explain as legitimate.

The Republican field for the U.S House is beginning to sound like the beginning of a bad joke: a self-promoting Californian, Sarah Palin in a flattop, and a crook meet in a bar…

Sounds like the Republicans are getting the field of candidates they (and not we) deserve.

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