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John Walsh Is In the Senate Race for 2014

It looks like “Shutdown Steve” Daines will have a top tier challenger in the 2014 Senate race. Lt. Governor John Walsh is in.

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  • Jesus. What’s a John Walsh? Hell, I remember when Scwheitzer first declared for the senate, no one even knew who he was. It’s the same with Walsh. He’s an unknown. Oh well, at least he will get his name out there for his next run at something. But really, going military??? Talk about pandering to the wing nut patridiot crowd! Is there REALLY no one out there who is qualified that isn’t a lifer? The Dims are desperate. Go nazzi for the win! They’ve been reading too many bumper stickers I guess, like the one I saw the other day. “My kid served in Iraq so that your kid could party in college”. Oh really? No, your kid joined the military because he needed a job and had NO critical thinking skills! Now, Walsh will definitely have bumper sticker appeal. But is there any there there? Muhummad Ali he ain’t! I like my leaders a leetle more principled, for you see, the military industrial complex is NOT the highest good! Sorry bout that.

    • Utterly shameful that you equate Walsh’s military service with being Nazi. He didn’t rise to being a general because he had nothing under the hood. He is NOT a career politician. Refreshing for a change. He will win and it won’t be that close.

    • Walsh will make a fine senator. His military service is an asset: those who have seen war (John McCain excepted) are the least likely to wish for others to see it. And knock off the Nazi crap.

      • Um, I’m sorry. But what would YOU call folks who participated in the invasion and destruction of a totally INNOCENT country? Just following orders?? Where have I heard that before. Refresh my memory.

        Look. Bottom line. ONLY a freakin’ moron would have believed the Dick, cheney’s lies. A man of REAL principle and courage would have refused to participate in the Dick’s evil. And a man who could NOT discern the difference between lies and the truth should be allowed NO WHERE near a leadership position in politics. How can a person KILL a man who has done him no wrong? I don’t get it. How could a guy smart enough to be a general NOT see through the bullshit lies? Or maybe he did, and simply was “following orders”.

        Nope. I disqualify him. He is unfit to be a U.S. Senator in my great country. Sorry. I prefer gentleman farmers. Maybe Max Fawkus and Jonny Testy could take back their destruction of Schweitzer.

        LK Vietnam Vet

        • You wanna see a REAL American military hero? Sorry, but Smedely Butler is dead. But here is another great American hero. He NEVER compromised his principles for bullshit wars to kill innocents as did generalismo walsh. HE is qualified in ways that John Wash will never be. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I was complicit in slaughtering innocents. This AIN’T the splendid little war crowd. This is MY America, and we don’t reward folks who didn’t have the courage to do the right thing by making them senators from MY state of Montana! Sorry bout that!

            • Here’s another Marine that I could vote for, a true man of principle. You see, friends, this is MY state and MY country. I would much prefer to be represented by a man who was a human shield in Iraq than a man who was “just following orders”! That’s just the way I am. I prefer nobility over sound bite bullshit.


                • Kralj, it doesn’t matter how many names you trot out. You equated Walsh with being a Nazi. A simple apology would be a good place for you to start, unless you are completely lacking in courage and a sense of decency.

                • Just following orders, sir. Just following orders. That is a pathetic defense, and one that I don’t think qualifies the dude for the senate.

                • p.s. Geez, craig, even I can’t cut through the layers of your density. Look, I am not calling walsh a nazzi. Nope. I’m calling the U.S. military/industrial complex a nazzi like organization! Which it is. It has become simply the enforcement arm of the rogue nazzi group of the CIA. And that’s real sad. I mean, just WHY THE HELL is the military doing the bidding of multinational corporations? They are not even trying to hide it any more. It’s become patriotic to slaughter innocents around the world for Exxon Mobile, etc. Sorry, but THAT’S not what I want our military to do. The military has morphed into something very ugly and dangerous. Started right after WWII and the creation of the CIA. The bushes were right in there! You really need to get out more, craig. And yes, I used to teach, but at that time I was PAID to educate. Throw some money my way and I’ll bring you up to speed, lil buddy.

                • Another great general who was all for treason, and he more than likely was a major player in actually carrying it out! I’m sure that this general, if not pulling the trigger himself, knew who exactly was! Time to reevaluate the role of the military in this country. They are sucking the country dry, using up all the resources we need to promote life and not death and destruction. Time to give about a third of the military their pink slips, for it is an evil jobs program for those that can’t do. We should put these young people to work rebuilding the country and let Mobile Exxon hire a private army to conduct their nazzi like invasions around the world. We have a better use of our tax dollars.


                • Wow! The ol’ manzana didn’t roll too far from the arbol, did it?! This is all we need. The anti-batista fascist crowd running our country. Heck, if you took ol’ teddy boy cruz and slicked his hair back real good, and gave him a pencil thin pimp mustache, you’d have Generalismo Batista! In the flesh! This is some scary, scary stuff. Do we really want the old fascist batista crowd running our country? I would hope that we can do better. The ReePubes have gone totally bonkers. History does matter. Take some time to investigate Cuba under Batista and his mafia pals from the U.S. Is that really what you want? Not me.


                • p.s. The ReePube party is like a buckskin jacket. Remember them? They had all those little fringe dealies hangin’ off them? Well, those fringes were not for decoration. They had a purpose. If you needed to tie something real quickly, you just chopped off a fringe or two. Well, the Pubes have TONS of fringes on their party, and they are not for decoration either. They use the fringes as willing idiots. Hence, like a buckskin jacket, the fringes on the Pube party are very practical and useful!

  • How to handle government shutdown: 1) President invokes emergency powers. Takes about five minutes. Ends it.

    How do handle debt ceiling problem: 1) President invokes 14th Amendment, Section 4. Takes about five minutes. Ends it.

    All we gotta do is get a real president. This one is a charlatan. These problems are manufactured for perception management’s sake, putting Obama in position to bargain away yet more of our social contract.

    • Me too, Mt. Girl. My complaint against walsh is the eggsacked same one I have against Corky Stumblebum. You see, I like Corky personally. He’s obviously a nice fellow. But twenty years in the military suckin’ offn’ Unca Sugartit disqualifies one for higher office. We AIN’T quite a banan republic yet! I remember what America used to be like! Hell, George McGovern was an extraordinary war hero in WWII. And you wanna know sumthin’? Hell, NO ONE even knew about it! He didn’t trumpet his bullshit like the Dims are doin’ with walsh. Let’s look around for another gentleman farmer, the kind of guy Jefferson would approve of. Schweitzer maybe? Suckin’ offn’ Unca Sugar prepares one for nothing but suckin’ offn’ Unca Sugar. Hell, we may as well run a black welfare mamma! For THEY understand the military mindset perfectly!

      • And p.s., for the record and craig, it does NOT take a freakin’ genius to make rank in the military. I would like to now share a true story. I had a good buddy from eastern Montana, a farm kid. He was bout as dense as a box-o-rocks. But we were friends. I liked him a lot. And he could sing and play a mean gittar! Well, we went our separate ways back in the late seventies, and I lost track of him. I decided to google him one day to see if I could re-connect. Well sir, seems that V, after he left Montana, moved to Nevada and joined the Guard. And the next thing you know, ol’ V. is a freakin’ field office!

        Sumbitch! Seems that all his farm work as a kid qualified him for an officer’s position as a civil engineer! I bout spit coffee out my nose! I knew that V was a nice guy and all, but really, a FIELD grade officer???

        So, all you schmucks singin’ the praises of the military, it’s painfully obvious that you’ve never been there. Forest Gums is NOT fiction! It’s the TRVTH. And so is Gomer Pyle. The folks that rise are NOT exactly the cream of the crop! So, smoke’em if you got’em, and stow the crap bout military dudes havin’ a special ability! It’s more like special ed!

    • MTgirl, as is no secret, I am also a fiscal conservative. Most in this state are, as a matter of fact. Who would you rather see – a career military man with plenty of budget experience under his belt, or an admitted Corporatist that is willing to give the country away to the Corporation? My money is on the General.

      • Is not the military/industrial complex one of the biggest corporate hogs at the Unca Sugartit trough? Why yes, it is. I for one am damn tired of that giant suck hole of a military draining our countries treasury. Ike was right. Shrink that sucker until it fits in a bathtub and let our country get back on track. Those who can’t do join the military! Why? NO ONE gets fired or laid off, unless of you get SO drunk you punch a superior. The military has become a haven for rightwingers. Hell, come to GF and see all the little jetbutters flying their American flags everywhere they can! They prolly got on their undies too! Silly, silly stuff.

        But I’ll not give up on Walsh just yet. If he were to come out and PUBLICLY say that the very first thing he’d do as a senator would be to call for a REAL commission to investigate 9-11, I just might support the guy. But we ALL know that that ain’t a’gonna happen. You see, bush appointing war criminal henry kissassenger to head an investigation is INDEED (contrary to what craig says) nazzi stuff! Why can’t we know who really committed 9-11? I think we all know the answer to that one. Is walsh man enough to find out? Or not. And if he believes the official story, he’s again not qualified for the senate from Montana. Texas maybe, for they’ll take anyone, including little Batista wannabee teddy boy cruz. But this is Montana. We elect REAL statesman to the senate. At least we had up until connie burns and mini max.

        • Larry, let’s review your Nazi remark and it’s shamefulness. BTW, your subsequent racist remark needs no further explanation, “Hell, we may as well run a black welfare mamma!”

          You wrote in reference to general Walsh, ” Is there REALLY no one out there who is qualified that isn’t a lifer? The Dims are desperate. Go nazzi for the win!” After calling you out, it took you several following misfire comments BEFORE claiming you weren’t writing about Walsh. Bullshit!

          Walsh’s record in the military and as an elected official is fair game. Slurring him with the Nazi label is beyond the pale of all decency. I wish he hadn’t run. After his exemplary military service his grandchildren do not deserve to see him dragged through the political sewer as you are doing.

          • Once again, folks who fell for the bush doctrine are NOT the ones bright enough to be trusted in D.C. Has he renounced the evil our country did in Iraq, or simply repeat the sound bite sh*t about the men he served with? Well, I for one am damn tired of sound bite sh*t. Our country once again committed a MONSTROUS evil in Iraq. It WAS

            And seriously, a military lifer has NEVER known hunger or where his next meal is gonna come from. Unca Sugartit sees to that. So, what does Walsh have in common with us working slobs? Does he feel our pain? I don’t think so. Grow up, craig.

        • You can’t have your social security ’cause it’s needed here! Right where Walsh gets his.

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