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Yellowstone County Treasurer Shows the New Face of the MT GOP

It’s hard to tell whether this is the new face of Montana Republicans the kids were so excited about last week, but it is online, which is an enormous step for the technologically-challenged party.

Republican Yellowstone County assessor, treasurer and county superintendent of schools Max Lennington offered this sensitive critique of President Obama and a powerful reminder not to adjust your medications without consulting a doctor in today’s Billings Gazette:

However, the truth is I do hate the Obamas. I hate what they represent, their policies, their legislation and their ideology. I don’t like them because they are attempting to fundamentally change my country into what only can be called Communist or Socialist. They are the very worst kind of racialist and they are elitist Leninists who hold contempt for my very traditional America….

I condemn, in the strongest manner, as to why the media refuses to investigate them as they did President Bush and President Clinton and for refusing to label them for what they really are. There is just no possible way; whereby, a white president and his wife could ignore the law, flaunt their position and be the lord of the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

Good luck with the new messaging of the Republican Party! It’s off to a great start.

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  • Hmm. A Jew who hates black people. AIPAC member maybe? Ya know, I lived in Billings twenty years and I don’t recall this moron’s name. Anyone know where he’s from? But one thing’s for certain. A black man STOLE his country, HIS country, and he wants it back! Pronto! Ingy, who is this dude?

    • p.s. This type of hatred is extremely reminiscent of hatred engender by the Koch brothers’ daddy and their John Birch Society pals shortly before Kennedy went to Dallas. If you’re not familiar with those days, you should be. Google and educate yourself. It was ugly, it was evil, and it was very un-American. This man is despicable and does NOT belong in an elected office in Montana. I think that with this little escapade he has done himself in. Billings, not in our town. Remember? Any good, decent people left down there? Time to show this clown the door! Take your hatred elsewhere, hater.

      p.s.s. As Lameington gives HUGE tax breaks to the mining industry, (at Roundup) maybe someone should investigate just what ol’ maxi’s gettin’ in return!!! Methinks he just may have committed cockroachside! Time we shined a light on this little cucaracha! He definitely needs a little scrutiny now! His own antics will do him in! Not in our town, NOR not in our state!

  • White privilege is incredibly powerful and most are completely oblivious of it. This person should conduct a little thought experiment. How would his world change if he woke up and was a person of color? Statistics indicate he would likely wake up in a prison cot. If he wasn’t in prison, he’d likely be poor, urban, and unemployed. The world would be stacked against him. With any luck at all, he would gain some self-awareness, recall his intemperate remarks, and recoil at their baseness and ignorance.

    • In the meantime, the good citizens of Yellowstone County who put Mr. Lennington where he is might contemplate whether they still think having him in office is a privilege. I suspect, incidentally, that white lightning or its alcoholic equivalent played a role in Mr. Lennington’s decision to state his views in so explicit a letter.

  • From just a cursory search,(and what I know) the man has been associated with Yellowstone County government for 45 years. He was, or has been, the elected Assessor for thirty years, which means if anyone owned property there, they got mail from Max. And most people in Montana with some knowledge of county government is familiar with him. I am pretty sure he’s won 6-8 county wide elections. It hard not to say, he’s “from” Yellowstone County, Montana.

    • I doubt he will be associated with Yellowstone County’s government for another 45 days. When he signed that letter, proving to the world that he lacked the wit to use quotation marks properly, he signed his own political death warrant. It will — and should — be executed sooner than later.

      • Me, personally, I would rather get caught textin’ pics of my WINGding a la anthony the wiener than get caught plagiarizin’! This Lameington moron is an idiot! Geez, now, wherever he goes, folks are gonna snicker and laff behind his back sayin’ things like, “geez, there goes the dude who plagiarized. He dude should’a texted a pic of his WEINER instead of plagiarizin’!” What a buffoon. He deserves what he gets.

        But ya simply gotta admit that for a school supt., he’s a family values kinda guy! I man, just LOOK at the values he’s modeling for our kids! Hate, plagiarizism, etc. Great Pubbie! He’s ready for a promotion!

        Buh BYE, Maxi. Been nice knowin’ ya! Too funny. Give a Pubbie enough rope and they hang themselves every time! Couldn’t happen to a more worthy group of individuals.

        But HEY, before maxi leaves, maybe he could hang a NEW banner down there at his office, sumthin’ like, “If your kid ain’t learnin’, have him PLAGiarize!” It would be a fitting last act for this idiot!

      • The Gazette reports that Lenington may be a serial plagiarizer, and that 2014 is the last year of Lenington’s term. Since he’s an elected official, removing him won’t be easy and might not be attempted. Unless he resigns, I’m beginning to think the most likely outcome is that he’ll issue a pro-forma apology (that only a fool would believe), stay in office, setting quite an example for educators and students in Yellowstone County, and not run for another term. If he has a sense of shame, he’ll resign, but I’m not sure he actually believes he did anything wrong.

        • Well there has got to be a pink slip out there somewhere, and a person in Montana’s government strong enough in American values to add Max’s name to it…and hand it to that loon right before they put their foot in his butt and push him formally out the door… just saying.

          and if they need a volunteer for the foot part more then happy to drive there and dirty a shoe in the process of better government…. just saying also!

  • “but I’m not sure he actually believes he did anything wrong.”

    I agree completely, James. I dont’ think that Lameington actually thinks he did anything wrong. In fact, I think he thinks that he’s being exceedingly clever. You see, he was quoting a black man to make his point for him. Massie is black. And max is saying that hey, if another BLACK man says that he hates O’Bama, so can I, a Jewish fella! That is his twisted logic I’m sure. He’s simply piling on. One would THINK that a Jewish fella would be slow to express his obvious, egregious, outlandish hatred for a person of a different race. Especially an elected official. But noooooo, not maxi! That never crossed max’s tiny little mind. And really, if it’s OK for a Jewish dude to hate our black president AND his wife (I don’t get that part of it at all), just THINK of the hatred he could muster for Palestinians! (how could the dude possibly hate the president’s wife? what has she done? anyone? anyone?)

    It is all really quite bizarre. The expression of hatred toward O’bama suddenly opens the floodgates and legitimizes the abject hatred of ALL the flaming racists OUT there! Hence, we get idiot max to further the cause! Hatred is something that can rally the inbred troops I guess in their opinion.

    It’s like the old joke, James. How do Smurfs make love? THEY SCHMUCK! Ol’ maxi schmucked up REAL good this time! He’s an ignernt racist schmuck. He scored large points with the racist crowd, but I think that he generally angered and embarrassed most folks in Billings that he’s done. Senility is NOT an excuse for racism. If he’s that senile, he’s too old to be in any job!

  • UH oh! Seems that ol’ maxi’s been suckin’ LARGE off’n the hated gubmint teat for a LOOOONG time! All that hated gubmint teat milk has gone to his brain! Made him into the BEST kind of Teatard, the kind that’s sucks large and HATES larger!

    “Lenington began working for the county as a deputy assessor in 1969, and apart from a hiatus of two years has served in county government since then.

    Lenington earns $90,054 a year and supervises 24 to 26 people. His current term as treasurer, assessor and superintendent of schools expires in 2014.”

    But HEY, maybe Billings could capitalize on this racist idiot. They could display him as their OWN version of the Grand Teton! (literally, the Big Boob!) For that he surely is!

  • As a strong supporter of teachers and their unions I can see why you’ve remained silent on the teacher/rape/sentencing case that happened down here in Billings.

    Faithful till the end. Right Don?

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