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Montana Politics

An Introduction…. Of Sorts.


My name is Sheena Rice, and since you are now reading this, I am apparently a new contributor to Intelligent Discontent. Figured before I get to writing the things that made me want to join ID, I should probably introduce myself so that you have an idea of the girl behind the rants that will likely follow.

You may already know me (or of me) as I have been working in or close to political circles in Montana since 2004 and have been a “professional” community organizer in Montana since 2008. (I quote professional as my daily uniform tends to involve Chacos and I am currently eating a lunch of coffee and Red Vines..)

If you don’t know anything about me here are a couple of things you should know:

  1. I am a community organizer. However, my writings here are of my own accord and are not associated with the organization that I work for. My writing is completed during my own time (which will often be lunch or late in the evening). That being said, a lot of things I will likely write about are based in the same values of my work, not really all that controversial since one should share the values of their employer. I am including this disclaimer as I am choosing to write under my own name and I am not being compensated to write here. Everything here is just me.
  2. I consider myself a “blue collar progressive.” I grew up in Butte, America, in a low income AND a middle income family. Years ago when my parents split up, I witnessed first hand the challenges facing our poorest families as my mom struggled to raise three kids on a minimum wage. At the same time, I also had a “cushy” middle class life as my dad made a good living working at the plant in Colstrip. The same year my mom lost food stamps (for getting a 10 cent raise), I was the first kid in my 8th grade class to own her own computer. I lived in very different worlds, and my values are a direct result of my upbringing.
  3. I’m female. And I am in my 30s. Neither of these facts are necessarily earth shattering, but I hope that they will provide a different point of view in Montana’s progressive online community.

Sorry to bore all of you with this first post, but it seemed necessary before I jumped right in. I do plan to post on a weekly basis, and will focus my energy on economic justice and issues facing eastern Montana. And as I am a rookie angler, I promised Don fishing metaphors. You’ve been warned.


If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.


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