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Your Week in Gundamentalism

Just a sampling of your utterly unrestrained American gun culture and responsible application of the Second Amendment this week.

Minnesota: A Minneapolis father whose 4-year-old son killed his 2-year-old brother with an unsecured firearm won a reprieve from a judge Thursday.

Illinois: Three people were shot in a South Side park early Friday, including a 5-year-old boy who was in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen, police said.

New York: One person was killed and six others were wounded in a spate of five shootings in the Bronx and Brooklyn yesterday, law enforcement sources said.

Ohio: On Sunday night a 4-year-old Ohio boy apparently shot and killed himself with an unsecured gun while his 1- and 5-year-old siblings watched. Police report that three handguns were found in the room where Raytwon Briggs was shot. It’s not yet clear who owned the guns, or how they were stored, or whether anyone will be charged in the matter.

Texas: A San Antonio man faces criminal charges after he accidentally shot his girlfriend while aiming a weapon at his ex-girlfriend. Local authorities say the incident took place early yesterday morning at the 1600 block of Amanda Street.

This week’s winner comes to us from Virginia: A company that sells gun owners who fantasize about shooting their political opponents with bullets the opportunity to live that dream, is now using a picture of a mass shooting victim to promote its latest product. Zombie Industries specializes in target mannequins that bleed when shot.

Across the United States, the problem only seems to be getting worse, as the Daily News notes:

In the almost seven months since Adam Lanza’s demented slaughter of 20 Sandy Hook Elementary first-graders and six adults, at least 40 more children age 12 and under have died from accidental shootings across the United States, according to data compiled by the Daily News.

Those numbers do not include children killed by adults. Add those tragedies in, and about 120 innocents ages 12 and under have been killed by guns since Newtown.

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  • Terrific post, Don. Great job using the every day specific news headlines from across America to point out this lunacy. “Gundamentalism”…great! Thanks…I shared it via FB.

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