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Montana Politics

Steve Daines for House…Uh, Senate…Uh, House

Written by Don Pogreba

I hope that Representative Daines doesn’t start sending out mailers about the importance of decisive leadership any time soon. That would contrast pretty powerfully with his own fundraising mailers, as The Hill’s Mario Trujillo notes:

Rep. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) needs your help to win in 2014 — but it is not exactly clear which race he means.

The freshman congressman is strongly considering a run for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Max Baucus (D), but has made no decision yet.

In a fundraising email sent Friday, Daines did not try to pick a race. Instead, he attempted to raise money off both potential campaigns simultaneously.

I understand why Mr. Daines is so hesitant to make his decision. Having been alpha-dogged by the likes of Dennis Rehberg in 2012 must have been embarrassing enough; to have it happen in two successive Senate bids would be downright humiliating.

The rest of the article doesn’t give much comfort to other Republicans eager to replace Senator Baucus. It doesn’t even bother to mention the two declared Republican candidates, Corey Stapleton and Champ Edmunds. The fact that national political stories continually ignore these two certainly bodes well for their campaigns.

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