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Senator Tester on Edward Snowden

Senator Tester is absolutely right on Edward Snowden:

“The information that they wrote about was just the fact that NSA was doing broad sweeps of foreign and domestic phone records, metadata. First of all, Snowden probably shouldn’t have done what he did. But the fact of the matter is is I don’t see how that compromises the security of this country whatsoever,” Tester said.  “And quite frankly, it helps people like me become aware of a situation that I wasn’t aware of before because I don’t sit on that Intelligence Committee.”

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  • I totally believe Tester when he says he was clueless. Now it is time for him to show us that he is not powerless too. But nothing will come of this. Nothing.

      • And there are other power centers that you seem to be unaware of. But you might try following the money some time. I suspect that people who write checks have more power than those who endorse them on the back, but what do I know, lacking your depth.

      • Your expression of religious faith in your elected representative has earned you a plenary indulgence of 500 days off your time in purgatory. Jon asks that you continue to exercise trust without accountability.

        • Oh bullcrap, tomato. I have criticized Jon on his gun vote mightily. I simply don’t hesitate to laud him when he does the right thing, as he did on this. So, why don’t you?

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