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So Proud of Intelligent Discontent (and Myself)

Written by Don Pogreba

While I feel as if I have certainly done enough to warrant the attention of Montana’s preeminent ALL CAPS, ALL RAGE blogger before today, I was gratified to learn that Intelligent Discontent was finally noticed by the Helena School Board’s factually-challenged gadfly, Ms. Barbara Rush.

I’m certainly sad that she missed earlier pieces like “Barb Rush Attacks Hungry Children on the Way Out” and “Barbara Rush In Her Own Words” but perhaps she’s had the chance to review some of my observations of her one madwoman campaign against the Helena School District.

As for myself, I’m gratified that Ms. Rush has turned her attention from attacking pregnant teenaged girls and hungry children to my direction. I feel I am better positioned to respond.

While I wait for HER NEXT BIG POST, I’ll do some thinking about this claim she made about me in her post:

Isn’t it sad that we can’t count on the teachers of our students to support and defend our Constitution? Don thinks our constitution had slavery written into it!! I wonder if he has ever even read the document.

At least Ms. Rush wasn’t teaching History, I guess.

By the way, Mrs. Rush’s husband is running for the Helena School Board. I wonder if he’d sue himself if he won.

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