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I have done really minimal research into the candidates for the School Board. And honestly, I’m not here to make recommendations, at this stage. It was a long day today and I just wanted to have a laugh. So, as soon as I realized Jon Rush was running for school board, I hopped on over to his wife’s blog from her days of campaigning for the office (which she continues to update despite no longer running ‘4 Helena school board’). Check it out here.

Now, it’s an open question whether Jon reads his wife’s blog, of course. He doesn’t, according to the IR, share his wife’s disdain for the operational levies the school is asking for. So that’s a start. He also doesn’t have a blog, or (unique among the candidates) an email listed in the IR. I’m not taking any position on him as a candidate (I wouldn’t want my spouse judged solely by what I write here, after all!), but he should be straightforward whether he shares his wife’s most enthusiastic views: Common Core is the devil, breakfast is a waste of time, and girls should not come to school pregnant.

On Common Core, Mrs. Rush may have a legitimate gripe that is merely obscured by her love of the caps lock button. Breakfast, on the other hand, is pretty well proven to increase academic results. And as far as girls coming to school pregnant? It’s important to note she doesn’t seem to mind girls getting pregnant; teen pregnancy rates have indeed dropped since the ‘good old days’ before America was on the road to ruin. She just doesn’t like having to look at it:

“Is the policy that allows girls that are pregnant, and showing, to go to school and parade around proudly unmarried, in front of the other CHILDREN,progress? ”

Progress to Mrs. Rush is, apparently, keeping behavior we personally disagree with as well-hidden as possible. On this and other issues, Mr. Rush needs to make clear whether he shares his wife’s views, lest he pull a Tim Fox and slip into an important position simply never addressing the extremism with which he associates himself.

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  • Rush man’s woman, must not have lived a full life, Possibly even home schooled in a closet???

    Even in my day a few girls went to school pregnant, and showing. Only bullies and very low cast christian girls complained or treated the young to be mother with disdain.

    Those bullies were always sent home, or put in detention after school.

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