Republicans Try Social Media, Fail Badly

Wrap your brains around this one: a conservative Astroturf blog, seemingly devoted to all things Corey Stapleton, wrote a post on Friday accusing a progressive Montana blog of being based in Washington, D.C.

Their evidence? A misleading Astroturf Twitter account’s poor attempt at satire. It seems that, in their haste to condemn Baucus and the Montana Streetfighter blog, the crack staff at Treasure State Politics ran into some fairly common conservative literacy problems.

Excitedly noticing a post from the trollish parody account MTRoadfighter, the detectives at Treasure State Politics decided it was somehow the MTStreetfighter account and broke this news:


Some helpful tips for the writers at Treasure State Politics as they go forward:

  • MTRoadFighter is not the same as MTStreetfighter
  • Satire (even terrible satire) is a concept worth reading about.
  • You might be more credible attacking another anonymous blog without the use of an anonymous domain and host.

It’s fun to see the conservatives using the Internets, but they may want to do a little work before going in the public again.

Update: The chronically misinformed and grammatically-challenged have responded. As a former debate coach, one of the best bits of advice I gave my students was that the arguments made by an opponent were often your best ally. Case in point.

For what it’s worth, TSP. I agree with you on one point. I also wouldn’t allow comments on my blog if I wrote and reasoned like that.

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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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    • The link above says right at the top that the use the anonymous name is rarely and strictly used if articles “are still very legitimate and worthy, but could have negative consequences for individual authors if posted under their own names”

      Calling a student who does not want to post the names of professors in a story a coward is completely distasteful. Speaking anonymously in situations that could incur retribution has been an integral part of American history. What retribution does MTStreetfighter face from every post?

      The notion that a teacher aspires to muzzle students for engaging in democracy solely based on a difference in principle is quite the testament of your character.

      • Look, I understand why you are responding with such personal animus. It’s awkward to be called out for an embarrassing, inaccurate post but two things come to mind: 1) one of the hallmarks of adulthood is acknowledging mistakes like yours and moving on and 2) you should probably be accustomed to it given your history of posts.

        In your “Updated” post about the Twitter account, you wrote, and I quote “We put the name of every author on every post.”

        That comment was yet another falsehood. To be clear, in a post updating a clear false story, you posted at least one demonstrably false claim in response. You’re not doing yourselves any favors.

        I’m terribly sorry that you seem to feel so hostile, but in the marketplace of ideas you should probably work a bit harder on bringing some facts to the discussion. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

        Finally, your rationale for anonymous posts is suspect. You claim it’s about being potentially intimidated by a professor, but there are other anonymous posts on your site that simply don’t require anonymity. Just be honest why you don’t always say who is posting at your site before you attack another site for anonymity. That would be called fairness and intellectual honesty.

  • The problem that I have with the rightwing nutjob fascists is that they completely lack wit! I get terribly bored to DEATH trying to start a decent blog fight with these morons. You see, win or lose, I enjoy a great blog battle of wits! But these guys are halfwits at best. They lack humor, creativity, and relevance. THAT is why no one reads their blogs. They suck! It’s damn HARD to be a witty, entertaining Nazi! I suppose that theoretically speaking, it’s possible. There maybe IS some humor in what they preach. But I’ll be damned if I can see it! Part of the problem is that humor is an art form. And there is NO Nazi art! Period! Name three great fascist artists! Or poets?! There aren’t any, for fascism and art are incompatible! Nazis are boring as hell. WHERE is the Nazi Federico Garcia Lorca?!!! Easy answer. He doesn’t exist!

      • Don, one of my favorite stories about Picasso:

        “While living in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II, Picasso suffered harassment from the Gestapo. One officer allegedly asked him, upon seeing a photo of Guernica in his apartment, “Did you do that?” Picasso responded, “No, you did.”

        And lest we forget, the Dick, cheney, would NOT speak before the UN unless the painting of Guernica was covered up! ‘Nuff said.

  • Two quick comments:

    I tried posting a couple of comments at TSP, calling some of their “facts” into question. They never posted my comments. So, while “coward” is is an adequate moniker for writers at the site, I prefer “chickenshit.”

    Also, Don, consider any criticism by TSP of you or your posts a badge of honor.

  • TSP is like the junior varsity of the B team of bloggers. A bunch of frat bros sitting around trying to figure out how to work a computer. By comparison they make the flunky who moved up here from Idaho and writes for the Watchdog seem like a well seasoned pro (I forgot his name already is he still around?).

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