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Express an opinion contrary to the hive-deluded mind at Fox News? You’d better be prepared for racist calls for your sexual assault.  Talking Points Memo has the story of Zerlina Maxwell’s experience with the enlightened mind of the conservative. Truly vile stuff.

Our neighbors to the east, South Dakota, have passed a law allowing teachers to pack heat in the classroom. What could possibly go wrong? Does anyone else find it fascinating that the same people who don’t teacher teachers in “guvmt schools” to teach trust us to carry weapons in our schools?

Back home in Montana, Republican legislators reminded us how they feel about women, voting against stiffer penalties for domestic violence.

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of someone like Representative David Howard? According to his Facebook page, he’s a big fan of this video which is not only hateful to the LGBTQ community, but to music and reason.

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      • Actually, this girl is spouting Conservative Rap, or more appropriately, Crap! It’s all the rage amongst inbreds like howard!

      • I’ve had a change of heart. everyone should have a drone and we should all sit at screens trying to kill each other. it would be a great form of population control, not to mention the edge would go to youth, so they’d make quick work of the aging Boomers.

          • when Obama’s drone program killed 21 children and 14 women in Yemen, and a journalist in Yemen helped expose this crime, the response from America’s pal, president Saleh, was to arrest and sentence this journalist to 5 years in prison. then, when this journalist was about to be released, president Obama made a phone call—he intervened—to keep this journalist in jail.

            does modern liberalism oppose the president’s use of drones to kill anyone, anywhere, at any time?

            • 1. Link. It’s a little hard to argue with you when I have nothing to go off but your word. Thanks.
              2. The president has forever had the power to order military or intelligence action – this obvious including lethal force – against those deemed (by him and his advisers) to be dangerous to the state.
              3. If anything, I prefer he do it with drones because at least a drone assassination is very hard to deny, and very hard to pin on ‘rogue elements’. When the president orders a drone strike, he takes personal responsibility for the outcome. That’s a big improvement over more traditional methods.
              4. The reason liberals of your variety (I won’t even try to label them, because any label will be objectionable to you or to me) really oppose drones seems pretty simple: they lay bare the farce that is national sovereignty in the modern world. The idea that nations operate only inside their borders except in times of war has been absurd since at least the second world war and has never truly applied outside of Europe. But it is only the supposed violation of sovereignty that makes an American drone strike in Yemen any different than a Yemeni army action in Yemen with the same effect, or that makes providing weapons to a rebel group more frowned upon than providing weapons to a government. Since liberals o your sort cannot manage to come to terms with that, they must oppose the use of drones in warfare.

              • what PW, do you doubt Obama would pressure a foreign nation to keep a journalist incarcerated?

                I know you think national sovereignty is some kind of old-school mentality. what you don’t seem to be able to anticipate is that when we, as a nation, bomb and kill people in other countries we are not officially at war with, we are laying the groundwork for nations to do the same to us or our allies. and just because you think sovereignty doesn’t matter anymore, I doubt a nation like Israel would feel the same way if Iran dropped a few hellfire missiles on IDF soldiers within its borders. that kind of action still has the potential to ignite a war that could escalate to the use nukes.

                • I don’t doubt it, lizard, but I was curious about your sources and their reputability. My curiosity is satisfied and the results unsurprising.

                  “when we, as a nation, bomb and kill people in other countries we are not officially at war with”

                  As in, every time we’ve killed somebody since 1945?

                  ” I doubt a nation like Israel would feel the same way if Iran dropped a few hellfire missiles on IDF soldiers within its borders.”

                  Of course, Iranian funded and supplied ordinance actually does fall on Israel, pretty much on the regular. While both Israel and Iran will protest that their sovereignty is being violated whenever the UN tells them that they should obey international law within their borders, neither country has demonstrated any actual concern for sovereignty when it doesn’t suite them.

                  The fact is that the situation remains largely unchanged since 1945 – a great deal of lip service to national sovereignty, and the use of the concept as an excuse for inaction or non-conformance with international dictates, but no real respect for it. Rather, every country is constrained merely by its own power and the force that other states and non-state actors are able and willing to exert on it.

                  That’s not to say I support what is being done with drones. I don’t know the significance of the individuals and groups being targeted by drone strikes, but based on previous US strategic and diplomatic policies, the tactical benefit of killing them is probably not worth the long term damage caused by killing the people who happen to be within their blast radius.

                  But the narrative that Democrats accept this tactic only because it is Obama who is utilizing it is deeply flawed – when George Bush was president, I specifically called for him to use more targeted tactics to apprehend or kill specific Al Qaeda targets, rather than, you know, invading whole countries.

  • South Dakota is a failed state but it’s my problem now as it’s become a red to blue focus.

    Don: I love the traffic your sidebar sends me but there are awesome progressive blogs in Montana more focused on your beloved state than interested party can be right now.

  • Waiting for sinkhole to gobble up that area around Park City and Laurel where Reps David Howard and Krayton Kerns live.

    Also, truly the worst video I’ve ever seen.

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