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Montana Politics

#MTLeg Tweets of the Week 27 January 2013


The Runners Up

  • @jhwygirl:2011 I said #kreytonkerns & crew wouldn’t be happy until grade schoolers hadmtleg guns.Now we’ve got a hunting license for 11yr. olds bill #mtleg
  • @snachodog: Dear #mtleg staff, thanks for the great new A/V system – I finally got to uninstall Real Player!
  • @lorenastep4545: #dubstep as the "hold" music…or should I say "House music?" … on the #mtleg video feed. sweet.
  • @ryandelasiesta: Great science lesson today thanks to Rep. Fiscus! #mtleg
  • @TribLowdown: @BenLamb1 in the interest of intellectual honestly, quite a few supporters of HJ8 too. Suffice to say strong interest on both sides. #mtleg
  • ?@Mike_Wessler":Lets start the @brycebennett for Secretary of State movement!!! #mtleg
  • @mtstreetfighter: Some Republican legislators would love to bring this to Montana:  ‘Legal Drunk Driving in Rural Ireland’ #MTPOL #MTLEG

This Week’s Winner

@MT_CADSV: Rep. Cary Smith comparing women to farm animals. Except this year it’s chickens and hogs, not cows like 2011 Regier. #MTLeg

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