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Montana Politics

#MTLeg Tweets of the Week 20 January 2013


Runners Up

  • @MarneeBanks: @jontester says corporations aren’t people. Democrats clap, Republicansmtleg silent.
  • @tsmcquillan: At the Montana legislature. Rep. Bennett asked "who should not be voting?" Rep. Washburn "…the 100,000 college students…" #mtleg
  • @jhwygirl: Montana GOP imploding. Popcorn! RT @TribLowdown: Former GOP leaders react to email flap  via @GFTribune #mtleg

WTF Tweet of the Week

@Schwad4HD14: Feaver to House Education Committee: "Our librarians are the NRA of the education community" 🙂 #mtleg #mtpol

The Winner

@EllieHill: Strangely, nobody can find even one single copy of the @GFTribune in the Montana Capitol today. Where did they all go? #MTPol #MTLeg

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