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#MTLeg Tweets of the Week for 13 January 2013


Without the majestic wisdom of Representatives James Knox and Derek Skees, this year’smtleg #mtleg Tweets of the week may lack a certain sense of the unbalanced, but I look forward to providing a glimpse at some of the 140 character madness and insight that is the Montana Legislature this year.

This opening week is a bit more serious than last year’s posts, but I expect the energy to pick up as the session drags on.

Runners Up

  • @TomGloverMT: #mtleg Montana people need health insurance. Hand injury $25,000. Overnight in hospital $8,000. Sick? Lose job? No insurance? -Lose home
  • @BobBrigham: @MikeMillerHD84 You are dividing by (human) persons, not "persons". You are doing old school, corps aren’t people math. #MTpol #MTleg #I166
  • @montanajen: Wills are broken during this plague. Good bills are killed, bad ones pass. It wears you down, in a bipartisan fashion. #mtleg
  • @TribLowdown: Second biggest applause line so far: Mont. is second per capita for micro breweries #mtleg #mtpol

This Week’s Winner

  • @EllieBoldmanHill: Republican Missoula legislator Champ Edmunds considers challenging U.S. Sen. Baucus:  via @missoulian #MTLeg #MTPol (can’t beat that one for humor)
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