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Attorney General Tim Fox Is Afraid of Twitter

It only makes sense that a candidate too afraid to campaign for Attorney General would be too afraid to let critics read his insightful commentary on his Twitter feed.

When I read today that Montana progressives were being blocked from Fox’s Twitter feed, it was hard to believe, because what public official could be both that stupid and that petty? When I tried to follow him myself, however, I found out that ignorant, small-minded public official was none other than out Attorney General:


Of course, Fox has had some trouble with Twitter in the past, having once posted this image on162663867-300x254 his Twitter feed in between his two campaigns for the AG’s seat.

Fox is hardly prolific on Twitter, posting about as frequently as he answered media questions during his campaign, but it’s telling that our Attorney General feels it’s appropriate to exclude some Montanans from updates about the work he is doing while on our dime.

Come on, Tim. Your work as Attorney General is going to make it abundantly clear that Montanans chose the wrong candidate. It won’t be your Twitter feed.

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  • Is it just the following aspect with the instant update, or are you not able to access his tweets here: If you are able to read them here, what’s the substantive problem and why the claim that some Montanans are excluded from updates?

    His latest one that I found is this:

    Tim Fox [email protected]
    Worked late tonight w/ 1 of MT’s finest MT Highway Patrol Troopers. Be safe, follow traffic laws, & thank a MT Trooper for their service.

    • It seems awfully petty to block people from your account feed, especially when you are using it to send information related to your job as a public official.

      I’d like imagine that the Attorney General has a slightly thicker skin.

        • Why should the automatic feed be problematic? Fox is now an elected official, and his Twitter feed should be open to everyone no matter how they choose to gain access to it. My best guess is that this is either an unintentional technical screw-up, or that one of his low level political people doesn’t know when to stop playing favorites or settling scores. Whatever the explanation, the problem should be fixed.

          • James, I would suggest one of the Twitter uses just post a reply to his last Tweet and pose the question about the automatic feed. I don’t belong to the Twittersphere, or I would do it myself. Can’t imagine someone expressing a petty whine about it without first addressing the situation at the source.

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