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Radio Ad Attacks Sheehy for Doing His Job, Then Gets Weird

I’ll admit I’m not the best versed voter when it comes to the Montana Supreme Court, but my mind was pretty much made up for me yesterday when I heard this ad about Judge Ed Sheehy.

The ad basically attacked Sheehy for defending a client who was facing execution. It’s worth noting, first, that if Sheehy had failed to try every possible avenue to defend his client, he would be an incompetent attorney, to say nothing of being a terrible candidate for judge. The ad (aired by the anonymously funded, Jason Priest-affiliated Montana Growth Network, attacks Sheehy for following the only legal and ethical course of action available to him.

Even stranger, however, the ad then denounces him for failing to be impartial and instead being an activist, because that is the Right’s judicial mantra. Now, it seems to me that anyone willing and able to defend a man who killed his girlfriend and young daughter because it is his duty is exactly the sort of person who clearly puts the responsibilities of his position above any personal views or opinions. That’s exactly the sort of person who we can trust to be a good Supreme Court Justice.

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