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Citizens Unite!

I like simplicity and logic, and political advertising isn’t different than any other advertising.  Ads work.  They work really well, otherwise no one would spend the money on them.  The sender of a message is trying to get you to behave in a particular way, and advertisers and marketers have been fine-tuning their methods for a century now.  They know what works, they know how people behave.  They even conduct fMRI studies to discover for certain how our brains react to media messages.  Simply, they know how to get 30 seconds of TV to make us act the way they want.  Big money in political advertising equals a big shift the way voters behave, which is why I hate Citizen’s United.

Free speech is free and shouldn’t cost anything.  People with more money to access a monstrous megaphone with a fine-tuned message, designed to manipulate people — not even to make a opinionated statement, but to brain-wash people — is wrong.  Free speech doesn’t mean you get to be behind a curtain with your giant megaphone.  Most would argue, that the intent of the 1st Amendment means means you can lay your name on the line and have no repercussions  — the opposite intent of Citizen’s United.  Free speech means you don’t suffer at the hand of the government, corporations, or anyone else.  Free speech means equal speech, not those with the largest war-chest are heard the loudest.

We as citizens, need to speak loudly and persistently to change our political campaign laws.  This is the people’s country.  This goes beyond party lines.  Spending and corporate corruption is way out of control, and as citizen’s we need to unite and take back our country from these corporations, special interest groups, and billionaires.  To do that, we need to contact all our senators and legislators, both national and state, and be clear and persistent that these practices need to end.  This way the rules are fair, and the citizens have an clear choice of candidates from whom to choose, not muddied from dirty money.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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