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Denny Rehberg Continues to Battle Imaginary Problems, Gets on Front Page

There are a few certain signs that Representative Rehberg needs to get some attention: either he changes his mind on the Patriot Act, grandstands about a non-threatened monument to Jesus, or he writes a strongly worded letter opposing a policy the Obama Administration has no plans to implement. Since yet another flip or flop on the Patriot Act might have negative repercussions and Whitefish Jesus will undoubtedly be his big push in late October, today he went with the tried and true strategy of attacking monument designation in Montana.

And the Great Falls Tribune went along with it, giving Rehberg prominent position on the top of the fold of the paper and their website, even though the Obama Administration has made it clear that it has no intention of creating another monument in Montana.

It wouldn’t be such a transparent ploy to gain attention (and distract from recent revelations about his international travel) if Rehberg hadn’t gone to the monument designation well so often.  Or given that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made it clear there were no plans for further monument designation in Montana, way back in 2010.

Consider last September, when Rehberg also promoted his conspiracy theory, hypocritically ignoring the Bush Administration’s use of monument designation during 2006. A brief look at his official web page demonstrates his quixotic commitment to pretending to fight this imaginary threat, accompanied by indignant press releases.

And it’s important to remember Rehberg’s symbolic nonsense in light of his advocacy of a bill that would transform operational control of Montana’s northern border to Homeland Security, a bill roundly criticized by Montanans of all political stripes–and never discussed in any of Rehberg’s “listening” sessions.

The score? Imaginary threats to Montana land and sovereignty? Rehberg opposes them–and loudly. Real threats? He actually advocates them.

I certainly understand why Rehberg has to resort to this strategy. He has no other record of achievement to run on, so he resorts to self-promotion about protecting Montanans from imaginary threats.


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    • I was in error. The South Ranch purchase was 150,000 acres.

      Sean Gerrity of APR has revealed his strategy:

      e360: You say you only had to piece it together because so much is public land. How does that work? You just have to buy the private parcels and stitch it together?

      Gerrity: Yes, and then change the use of the [public] lands. What’s really great about the public lands is they’re really malleable in terms of what they’re used for. You can use them for commercial purposes like forestry, for livestock grazing. You can also, if you have a lot of public leases, use them for wildlife value as the number one priority. That was very exciting, that we could co-opt a lot of public land and change the use from livestock production to wildlife emphasis, for essentially no cost. That means putting together millions of acres of public land and converting it to our vision.

  • Very hard to beleive that jimmy strauss balls gave this welfare queen a regular column. There’s black welfare queens AND cammo welfare queens like snuffy smith, who lived his ENTIRE life suckin’ offn’ Unca Sugartit in the military! Now, he’s a self-made Teatard. Sad, so sad.|newswell|text|Frontpage|s

    Yes, Snuffy, you can run but you cannot hide. Those of us who actually SERVED in the military know all about you lifer types. Couldn’t make it on the outside, could ya, dude! Three hots and a cot provided by the hated gubmint for life makes jack (or snuffy smith) a dull boy!

    • There’s a REASON that guys like Gomer Pyle, Forrest Gump, and Snuffy Smith found a HOME in the Army! You see, the guys who’d never even SEEN indoor plumbing before could NOT believe their good fortune that they FINALLY had a place other than the outhouse to crap! Not only that, hot chow! AND a paycheck for doin’ essentially nuthin’ of consequence! Yep. I knew many guys just like Snuffy. Once Unca Sugartit took over, they had no more worries in life! Easy street for guys who ENJOYED bein’ told what to do! Absolutely NO critical thinking skills needed! Nor wanted!

      Now, Snuffy has taken what he learned in the Army and put it to good use. He’s STILL crappin’ indoors, at the GF Spitoon! But the problem for Snuffy IS that he can only BS the guys who never served. The rest of us laugh at him! And that’s gotta hurt.

      Yes, he is a comic character.

      • I cancelled approximately two years ago. I still try to scan it at work, but I will not pay to be insulted by a moron. The Spitoon has NO journalistic standards left. The Snuffy Smith column in today’s paper is EXACTLY the same type of comment he recycles week after week. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Straussballs would print this idiot. And I really wouldn’t mind, but they do NOT allow any rebuttal. You see, Snuffy pretty much represents the ENTIRE Teatard Party. It’s made UP of folks that think that they’re entitled to a spot on the hated gubmint titty, but no on ELSE is. Snuffy has a guaranteed gubmint pension for life, guaranteed health care for life, and guaranTEED security for life, so he should NOT be allowed to run down anyone else’s gubmint benefits. When I see Snuffy reject HIS hated gubmint money and benefits, well then I’ll fight like hell to keep his crap writing alive! Ya see, I’ve always beleive that if you don’t playa the game, you don’t get’ta make’a the rules! Or even have a credible opinion.

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