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New Poll Has Tester Ahead of Rehberg

Up and down.  Up and down.  That’s the story of Tester and Rehberg when it comes to pollw in the U.S. Senate race.  Today, a blog – apparently new to the blogosphere – called “Montana Street Fighter” posted the results of a brand new poll.

The poll shows Tester up on Rehberg by 2%.  Dan Cox, the libertarian, is polling at 7%.

If you’ve paid any attention to this race, you know that the “leader” in the U.S. Senate race has changed multiple times.  However, it’s always been close.  We all knew this was going to be close.

What’s interesting is the disdain Rehberg is facing.  With Cox polling at 7% (and that’s where he’s been in most polls excluding the Mason-Dixon poll), Rehberg is facing an interesting challenge when it comes to the most “conservative” of Montanans.  From his vote on the Paul Ryan plan to drones over the hi-line, Rehberg has been making enemies in his own ranks.  The question is, will there be enough descent to result in a loss for Mr. Rehberg in November?


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  • I’m interested to see what comes out of this new blog. They registered the site anonymously, but through the company Seenery Productions, which caters to “organizations, associations, political campaigns, Members of Congress and corporations.” Without knowing who is behind it, I wonder whether to expect insightful commentary, or astroturf?

    • I saw the same info. Given the illustration of the brawny bare-knuckled street fighter, and the latest post, I think there’s a high probability that organized labor is behind

      • I’m not yet convinced it’s labor, mostly because it reads like someone younger and more technologically savvy than most of the old guard who work for the statewide labor unions. There weren’t any hits on, but I’ll check again when the Fall spending report is available in a week or so. If the blog’s being supported by a candidate, party, labor PAC, or corporate PAC, the payment to Seenery Productions should show up on the spending report.

  • Since my previous comment is stuck in “moderation” I will try it without the hyperlinks.

    I guess the reason that you just didn’t post the poll source is that you aren’t too proud of Global Strategy Group. Haven’t they already demonstrated their corruption? From Politico:

    Quadrangle, Global Strategy Group, Kevin McCabe, GKM, and Platinum
    Advisors Will Pay Nearly $12 Million to New York State and Comply with
    the Attorney General’s Code of Conduct

    Now why do you fail to advise that Johnathan G. Silvan, CEO of Global Strategy, has been a contributor to Tester?

      • And why should Libertarians like a man who is part of a Party who cheated in the last Montana GOP Convention. Montana Delegates were forced to leave their votes on the seats, with Romneys people in the room…. And given seats as far away from the Podium at the national Republican convention as they could without putting them outside in the rain…. just saying!

        • No, but Libertarians (and informed TEA Partiers) feel very betrayed by Rehberg and I suspect they will use their vote as a referendum on Rehberg’s big government policies and his vote against the Ryan budgets.

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