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Another Pathetic Piece of “Reporting” from Dustin Hurst

Today Dustin Hurst, the notoriously inaccurate and biased “journalist”/”reporter”/whatever he is calling himself these days, wrote a story about the gubernatorial candidate’s positions on parental notification.  If you were hoping for unbiased writing, you obviously came to the wrong place.








I’m not going to slice and dice Hurst’s “reporting” – I’ll leave that to the creator of this blog.

To me it’s not just how Dustin gets the facts wrong, it’s how he phrases everything in his “reporting.”  It’s 100% right-leaning and 100% biased. One just needs to take a brief look at his rantings on his Twitter to know he’s a conservative activist, not a reporter.

So here’s my challenge to Dustin: quit. Quit pretending to be some kind of journalist and just join the rest of us in the blogosphere.

Dustin is a silly, silly man if he truly thinks, under any circumstances, he should be treated as a legitimate source for news.

A picture and a caption are worth a million words (h/t MT Cowgirl):

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  • Your over-the-top personal attack is no substitute for defending Bullock’s opposition to parental notification. Here is the background you should have provided:,_LR-120_%282012%29#Ballot_language

    Do note that Mr. Hurst’s point about the measure having a judicial waiver provision. Why didn’t Bullock address it? It seems the larger issue is what the appropriate age of majority should be. 12? 14? 16? 18? What rights should parents have to participate in the decisions affecting their children’s lives who are below the age of majority? Attacking Mr. Hurst with a bunch of nonsense and citing Cowgirl as your source doesn’t help much.

    Your fear of how the voters might decide both the future of this measure and Bullock’s employment because if his opposition to it comes through loud and clear.

    • I don’t think Storin suggested he was offering a substitute at all, and I’m fairly certain his point was to clarify the fact that Hurst is not a journalist, but instead a conservative with a voice and pen that thinks “news” comprises whatever bits and pieces of political goings-on coalesce with his own opinions. I don’t think any person on this blog would claim innocence from political-bias. In fact, I think that’s why Storin suggested Hurst join the blogosphere–so he can continue to write overtly biased pieces without staining the virtue of the journalist (of course MTWatchdog doesn’t need Hurst to continue to do that).

      You’re right that Bullock probably should have addressed the judicial waiver–and Hurst the bulk of the debate rather than write it off as mundane, particularly when both candidates platforms rest most heavily on other subjects.

      • …and I’d add that the post really isn’t guilty of fear at all, but rather disappointment and frustration with the fact that people read the Watchdog and consider pieces like Hurst’s in evaluating their political positions. I think that sort of frustration is perfectly justified.

  • BTW, I thought Don didn’t allow someone to attack another here by name when the attacker did not use their real name. At least that’s what he has said numerous times to JC.

  • Here’s a good rule of thumb: With a very few exceptions among the thin minority of reporters who do brave and solid investigative reporting, war zone reporting, etc., anyone who calls hisself a journalist is a freaking hack. Most real reporters call themselves “reporters,” and not “journalists,” and I noticed some reporter recently saying somewhere that people only called him a “journalist” when they were trying to insult him by snarkily pointing out what a “real journalist” would do. Of course Hurst in neither a reporter NOR a journalist. He’s a professional corporate-sponsored blogger and opinion-haver whose idea of investigation is surfing the web and recycling GOP talking points, with no stretch of the truth or false equivalence too far-fetched to serve his one goal: Getting Rehberg elected to the Senate. Funny thing is AMATEUR blogs like this one and Cowgirl run rings around the Mr. paid blogger and even beat the traditional media again and again on political stuff. And you’ll be here after the little careerist has moved on to a bigger and better post in the noise machine. Who knows, he could grow up into a Drudge or Brietbart and we’ll all laugh about the old days when the he was just a little carpet-bagger whining about something or other.

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