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Tuesday Quick Hits: Rehberg, Daines, Christie, and the Worst Person in the World

It’s really too bad that Keith Olbermann isn’t on television anymore, if only to report on someone who is uniquely positioned to be named the worst person in the world, Lake County Deputy Ben Woods. James Conner of the Flathead Memo has the story of Mr. Woods, who heroically called the victims of the Aurora shooting cowards because they didn’t shoot back—like he heroically planned to do, in hindsight, from the safety of his home. Despicable.

You can add nurses and the editors of the New York Times to the list of people who think Dennis Rehberg’s  budget is a terrible idea. I know it might entail taking someone off the Whitefish Jesus detail, but how many national (partisan and non-partisan) organizations need to condemn the Rehberg budget before statewide media cover their concerns? When the Chief Actuary of Social Security, a non-partisan, award-winning, 30 year veteran of the Social Security Administration raises concerns, shouldn’t that get a little notice back home?

Want to hold Rehberg accountable? Join one of the events to celebrate women’s health coverage tomorrow, in Billings (1201 Grand Ave), Great Falls (211 9th St S), Helena (950 N Montana Ave), and Missoula (301 E Broadway).

Steve Daines is having an unusual fundraiser this week. Billed as an “Ohio Breakfast,” Daines will be meeting with a collection of donors in Kentucky, no doubt to discuss issues of importance to Montanans. Rick Hill has Chris Christie coming into fundraise for him. I look forward to Mr. Christie trying to bully someone from Montana. I’m not going to touch Hill campaign spokesman Brock Lowrance’s assertion that “Gov. Christie is one of the biggest stars in the Republican Party.”

Speaking of Mr. Hill, a good question an enterprising reporter might ask him is whether or not his voucher proposal would allow tax dollars to be spent teaching creationism or the idea the earth is only a few thousand years old.

One has to love the mind of the free market zealot. Eager to defend the American system of health care, “researchers” at the American Enterprise Institute argued in a paper released on July 11 that our nation’s horrifying infant mortality rate is misleading when compared to other nations because American doctors try harder to keep the infants alive and because we define stillbirth differently than some, carefully-selected countries. Call me a cynic, but rather than worrying about defining infant mortality, we’d be better served by working to end it through easily accessible and affordable prenatal care.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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