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Top Posts for July and a Look Ahead at Legislative Candidates


Over the next few weeks, I plan to profile some of the key legislative races coming up this fall, especially focusing on some key opportunities for Montana Democrats to make up ground in the House and Senate. Some of these races are obviously quite distant from the political bubble that surrounds Helena, so if anyone has particular insights or thoughts about the 2012 legislative races, please drop me a note at [email protected].

As for our top posts in July, an interesting collection of posts topped our most-read stories this month.

  1. Easily our most read post, despite only being up for a week, was this story about Representative Rehberg’s racist rhetoric back when he was Montana’s least-effective Lt. Governor.
  2. Second was the enthusiastic embrace of overt, hostile racism by some Montana Republicans.
  3. Third was our look at State Senator Ryan Zinke’s hypocritical, dishonorable attack on President Obama.
  4. Fourth, was our piece about the willingness of some gun control absolutists to exploit the Aurora shootings for political gain.
  5. Finally, our look at Rick Hill’s misguided belief that the magic of “competition” will improve Montana’s schools.

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