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DISCLOSE Act blocked in Senate

As was expected, the DISCLOSE Act was blocked in the Senate today.  The vote went down 51-44 (remember the days when a majority usually got a bill through the Senate?  Remember when the filibuster was referred to as the “nuclear option”?).

This is a sad moment for America.  The GOP has sided with groups like Citizens United.  Transparency should be a non-partisan issue.  Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Tester voted for the DISCLOSE Act and, after the vote, took a a well deserved swipe at Rehberg:

Congressman Dennis Rehberg is a staunch opponent of the Disclose Act, calling it “unnecessarily difficult.”

However, as a Senate candidate, Rehberg tells Montanans he supports “100 percent transparency” in campaign fundraising.

“Congressman Rehberg has failed to hold himself accountable to Montana with the transparency we value and unlike Jon Tester, Congressman Rehberg believes campaign disclosure is too difficult,” said Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy. “We encourage Dennis Rehberg to follow Jon’s lead in supporting this simple measure to bring accountability and transparency back to our elections.”

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