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Representative Rehberg Wants Spending Disclosure So Badly That He Voted Against It


If there’s no other reason you can think of to vote against Dennis Rehberg for the US Senatedennyboat at this point, how about just voting against him because he seems to think that the electorate in Montana is so breathtakingly stupid that he can say whatever he wants to them and get away with it. I think Rehberg’s terrible policy positions, serial hypocrisy, embarrassing personal habits, and total disconnection from the lives of ordinary Montanans are more than sufficient reasons to vote against him, but if you want to vote against him simply because he treats you like a moron, go ahead.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens’ United decision, Rehberg (financially backed and endorsed by Citizens United) claimed that he believed that disclosure of political spending would solve any ills from excessive outside spending:

“Instead of trying to silence political dissent, let’s focus on improving transparency and creating stricter reporting requirements.  There’s no excuse for letting powerful special interest groups exert influence on our elections from behind a veil of secrecy and anonymity.”

Of course, Mr. Rehberg did falsify an initial campaign report, hiding thousands of dollars from registered lobbyists. And then he failed to file his last campaign report on time with the FEC.

Even if one were tempted to overlook these errors as simple mistakes, Rehberg solidified his opposition to political disclosure, voting against a the Disclose Act in 2010, an act which would have mandated reporting of political spending. What controversial elements of the bill does Rehberg oppose? It’s hard to imagine.

What does Rehberg want? The broken status quo, in which donations are unregulated and unreported, with corporations, even from foreign countries, able to influence the outcome of American elections.

The only thing Representative Rehberg has disclosed is his utter contempt for the voters of Montana, voters he simply can’t—or won’t—tell the truth.

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