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Helena School District Expands Health Coverage to Domestic Partners


The Helena School District Board of Trustees voted 5-1 last night to allow domestic partners to be included in the District’s health care plan. It was the right decision—and one supported by legal precedent, action by the state, and at least one other large school district in the state.

Some of the opposition was the predictable kind of reactionary homophobia we’ve come to expect from certain quarters in our community and the other arguments were concerns about policy and implementation. While these were perhaps well-intentioned, there’s simply no economic or moral argument for delaying implementation of a health insurance program which treats all employees equally.

It was also gratifying to learn that the Board considered the issue in part because of a presentation students made to the Board a few weeks ago.  It’s a testament to to the Board that they not only did the right thing, but listened to students along the way.

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