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Another Bad Day for Dennis Rehberg

Today’s been another tough day for Representative Rehberg, who was called out by name  in6437358163_5082a5de9a_m a stinging Wall Street Journal editorial which suggested that the Representative might not be entirely honest when it comes to his record:

But the idea that Mr. Rehberg is some kind of maverick is as false as his Pelosi-like claims about seniors and Medicare. According to the National Journal’s political rating system, he is more conservative than 81% of the House, while on the Congressional Quarterly’s "party unity" scale he has joined his GOP colleagues more than 93% of the time every year except two.

His claim to independence is a vote for Beltway business as usual on entitlements, which makes him another wildebeest in the herd that has created trillion-dollar deficits.

The only positive element of the Journal’s remarks for Rehberg might be the possibility of herding wildebeests on his imaginary ranch, but it’s certainly got to be of concern to the fundraising-challenged Mr. Rehberg to be so viciously criticized in the preeminent conservative print publication in the nation.

Don’t believe those East Coast elites? Well, the Sidney Herald also thinks Rehberg’s assertion that he is some kind of John McCain style independent Maverick is nonsense. They write:

According to The Political Guide, a snapshot of Rehberg’s voting record includes the following:

In 2012, Rehberg has voted with his party 97.1 percent of the time. The House average for voting along party lines is 93.3 percent.

In previous years, Rehberg voted with the Republican party line 91 percent of the time in 2011, 97 percent in 2010, 91 percent in 2009 and 95 percent in 2008.

Why does Mr. Rehberg always pretend to be something he’s not? He says he’s a rancher, but doesn’t ranch. He’s says he’s an independent, but he votes the party line. He says he represents Montana, but almost never does.

Of course, without a record of real work for the state or independent thought, how could Mr. Rehberg help but lie?

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