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Rehberg’s Fiscal Discipline Hurts Veterans, Not Rehberg

Given an absolute lack of achievement in his decade in Congress, Representative Rehberg6437358163_5082a5de9a_m recently decided to become a fiscal conservative. Despite being named one of the most profligate pork barrel spenders in Congress and supporting the budget-busting war in Iraq and the Bush tax cuts, Rehberg decided his only real chance to win against Senator Tester was to present himself as someone responsible with tax dollars.

He’s just not very good at it, as this week demonstrates.

Of the 535 members of Congress, Rehberg spends the third most on reimbursements for leasing a vehicle. Actually, two of them. Rehberg spends nearly $1,300 a month to lease two vehicles for his use as a member of Congress. Apparently, his salary of nearly $180,000, including the five raises he has voted to give himself, just isn’t enough to afford paying for his own car.

Not content to merely fleece taxpayers for the cost of his car, Rehberg also wants us to pay for his drunken travel adventures. While everyone would love to horse around in Kazakhstan and Ireland, most of us have to do it on our own dime. Not Congressman Rehberg.

Perhaps worst of all, he wants us to pay for his campaign. Rehberg has abused the franking privilege for years, sending thinly-veiled campaign announcements at your expense, but the latest example was probably the most egregious: using taxpayer dollars to get people out to vote for him in the primary.

All of this simply demonstrates that Representative Rehberg is nothing more than a standard issue fiscal hypocrite, but it actually gets worse. He does cut federal spending, not for himself, but for the veterans who he voted to send to war, as this letter to the editor eloquently points out:

with over 300,000 Afghanistan and Iraq veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, Rehberg voted against a motion (House Vote 304) that would use $28 million in unallocated funds to help fund PTSD, TBI and prosthetics research.

That’s Dennis Rehberg. Voting to cut vital services for veterans who have sacrificed almost everything for their country, in wars he voted for.

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  • Don, I really, really wish that someone would look into how much Dopey Reeburp pays his BODYGUARD, Randy Vogel, the ex-Billings cop! And why does Dopey even need a bodyguard anyway? The two are always together. Dopey is afraid to meet the public without his bodyguard at his side! What is he afraid of? I can’t think of any OTHER Montana politico that needs a bodyguard for every public appearance!

      • Heck no, Ingy. I just want’a know who’s payin’ and why? Why is Dopey such a coward that he needs Big Randy always at his side! Why is the Dopester so scared of his constituents? I don’t get it.

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