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Given the results of the 2008 primary, anyone who believes he can accurately predict Montana politics is fooling himself, but I thought it would be interesting to throw out some ideas and see what others think. Feel free to throw your predictions in as comments.


  1. Rick Hill (42%)
  2. Ken Miller (18%)
  3. Neil Livingstone (14%)


  1. Kim Gillan
  2. Franke Wilmer
  3. Diane Smith


  1. Brad Johnson
  2. Scott Aspenlieder
  3. Patty Lovaas


  1. Tim Fox


  1. Jesse Laslovich
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  • I have much faith in the Teatard chrisofascists. So, thus:

    1. Miller (34%)
    2. Hill (30%)
    3. The rest, who cares?

    Gillam, Bucy advance.

    • Larry, you are about as accurate with this prediction as you are with the rest of the rot you spew forth on these blogs.

  • I think you’re right – although I cant speak to the SoS office, because I haven’t paid attention to it. Who comes out of the Democratic Congressional Primary will be interesting, but it will be a tough row for the winner to hoe.

  • I think the GOP nominee for governor may win with less than 40 percent of the vote. The same could be true of the winner of the Democratic nomination for U.S. House.

    There are a number of contests, statewide and local, with five or more candidates. It’s possible that some of the winners will receive less than, perhaps substantially less than, 40 percent of the vote. If that happens, I predict there will be renewed interest in an instant runoff system for some offices.

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