Smith hits the airwaves, but is it too late?

Diane Smith hit the airwaves last week with one of the more bizarre spots I’ve seen in a while.  I think it’s the “music” that really throws me off in addition to some awkward editing cuts.

Smith trails both Gillan and Strohmaier in terms of getting on TV.  Gillan has been up on TV the longest and with – what I believe to be – the biggest buy.

Whatever happened to the massive amount of money Smith was going to contribute to her campaign?  Since Smith announced her candidacy, there had been a great deal of speculation (even assumption) that Smith would bankroll her campaign and that there would be a massive infusion of cash come May.  That doesn’t seemed to have happened and with her TV ad coming out so late, you have to wonder if she threw in the towel months ago.

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  • I guess I didn’t find it to be as horrible as you guys did but it certainly wasn’t a game changer. I kind of doubt that she has given up, but I also don’t think that she really believed she could win against such a large field.

    I actually liked Diane when I got a chance to meet her in Dillon. Even before that dinner, I was pretty much decided that – for me – it was between Diane Smith, Franke Wilmer and Gillan. After MANY conversations with my brother and other people, and after taking a long look at the work all three candidates have done, I am going to end up supporting Franke at this point. I am still concerned about the way she dodged my questions at the dinner but overall, I think Franke is the candidate I am most impressed with. That said, I am going to end up supporting the winner of the primary over Daines. He is a non-starter for me.

    • Rob, I found you to be a likable guy but I had/have some reservations about your candidacy –

      1) My initial contact with you on Cowgirl left a lot to be desired. You made a number of sweeping statements there that were not only factually incorrect, they showed a tendancy toward hyperbole that I did not care for. When called on those statements, you prevaricated rather than directly address them

      2) While I can appreciate your desire to run a campaign without the aid of any pac or special interest money, it is unreasonable to think that you can effectively win a race against Daines that way. He is well financed and likely to be supported by large buys from both the Republican Machine as well as Pac/special interest money. Whoever faces him in the general will HAVE to have a huge warchest to even begin to effectively run for the office. I hate the idea that money talks in politics, it is a reality that is just silly to ignore. I wholeheartedly support the idea that you will make no pledges to special interest groups (in fact, the existance of such a pledge is a deal breaker for me).

      Personally, I would have rather seen you run for a state position given the field of candidates running. You have a lot of great ideas but in the end, I have to support the candidate that I feel best represents me. Your unrealistic view of campaign finances indicates that you are not the candidate for me.

  • I think Smith tried to say too much in 30 seconds, and rushed production. The rush probably accounts for the discordant scene in which she looks off camera, and for the ad’s nervousness. The color is rich and accurate, the sound clear, and the music…well, I think it’s a distraction.

    I think Smith might get 20 percent of the vote, which won’t be enough.

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