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Montana Politics

Rick Hill Blames Rick Hill for Economic Uncertainty in Montana


Economy Killer?

Rick Hill told the Helena Vigilante that one of the problems for Montana businesses is the workers’ compensation system:

He also blames Montana’s convoluted and expensive worker’s compensation system, our costly automotive insurance, and our employment law.

“We are not in the mainstream … and that makes it much more expensive to do business in Montana,” he said. “It causes people who might invest in Montana to say: You know what? It’s just too risky.”

That’s a fascinating position for Mr. Hill to take, given that he was the architect of the very workers’ comp system he is criticizing. It took bipartisan work during the last legislative session to to bring fix the mess that Hill left behind.

Hell, his campaign manager used to brag on Hill’s Wikipedia page that Hill had saved MT Workers Comp until he realized that reminding people what Hill had done was probably not to his advantage.

In the end, it’s the same Rick Hill we’ve heard from for over a year. Vague promises to improve the economy, despite that fact that even conservative groups like the US Chamber of Commerce praise Montana’s entrepreneurship and innovation while the Tax Foundation praises our tax system.

Montana is—and has been—open for business. It’s unfortunate that candidate Hill is more interesting in talking the state down for political purposes than in working to make it better.

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