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Champ Edmunds: A Special Kind of A#$*&[email protected]

It takes a special kind of asshole to politicize rape, but if we’ve learned anything about him in the past couple of years, it’s that “Champ” Edmunds is indeed special. After all, he opposed memorializing a slain Montana Highway Patrol officer and argued that students at the University of Montana could not be trusted to deliver mail ballots to students on campus.

This past week, he came out against the Department of Justice’s decision to investigate Missoula’s handling of sexual assault cases, seeming to agree with an absolutely idiotic suggestion that the decision was designed to promote Vice President Joe Biden’s decade-old Violence Against Women Act:

Republican state lawmaker Champ Edmunds shared on social media a KGVO story questioning whether the probe is meant to highlight vice president Joe Biden’s Violence Against Women Act since it’s the first time the DOJ has probed a county attorney’s office.

His assertions come straight out of the seemingly mandated Montana Republican playbook of studiously avoiding the use of evidence and diligently denying logic.

Mr. Edmunds, it appears, would rather cast aspersions on the Department of Justice and its attorneys than accept the relatively obvious answer: Missoula needs to do a better job of dealing with sexual assault, from prevention to prosecution.

There is more than ample evidence that the response, from city, county and University, has been entirely inadequate, the “average number” of rapes notwithstanding. If Mr. Edmunds truly wants to be a community leader and representative of the people of Missoula, he needs to put aside the politics and put the safety of Missoula’s citizens first.

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  • There is more than ample evidence that the response, from city, county and University, has been entirely inadequate…>

    Why do you not question the response from AG Bullock? Why didn’t he investigate this first????? Was he avoiding this issue like MM for political reasons?

    Why do you not question the response from Gov. Schweitzer while he has nothing better to do than gallivant around the country promoting himself?

    • The guv is gallivanting again?? Sheesh, Craig. It’s obvious that you’ve got an advanced degree in whining, but you really need to re-take politics 101, dude! Pubbies never gallivant? How so? Too funny.

      Besides, methinks that you dudes are still smarting from that last branding! That big ol’ BS right on your bewtox is still visible! And always will be I guess! When you re-take politics 101, you will re-learn that you win some and lose some, only with Schweitzer, you lost’em all! Time to move on and hope for a better tomorrow.

      But now, as with Pavlov’s dogs, every time you fellas see a branding iron, you’ll be grabbin’ your bewtox and lookin’ over your shoulders for that bolo tie! And I don’t says I BLAME you! If I were a Pubbie, I prolly would be too! Hope this helps.

  • To say that Chump, oops, I mean Champ Edwards is a blemish on Missoula County’s legislative delegation would be a major understatement. He makes your average tea party candidate look like a thoughtful, informed statesman.

    His problems with women’s issues are notorious. Here’s but one, from the last legislative session and his dealings with a Planned Parenthood representative, when he was finally cornered in a hallway:

    “He did hear us out in the end, but he didn’t give us much time. His statements can be summarized as follows: he’ll support anything that is pre-conception (education and birth control), but once a woman is pregnant, she just has to tough it out for nine months and give the kid up for adoption. I would be surprised, however, if he does actually support any of the bills that provide support/access/money to women/teens for education and birth control.”

  • Incredible- especially since Edmunds is supposed to be representing this community. That ANYONE would come out and say “let’s not get to the bottom of this” is indeed telling. Also, apologies for yelling.

  • When I read this in the papers, I couldn’t believe the Edwards was so callous of women. Reading it again didn’t make it better.

    Craig forgets/doesn’t have the sense, that there is a chain of command in Government and it was the duty of Missoula county’s attorney to write the state and ask for an Investigation, since they were so inept. That didn’t happen, because he was either clueless, or didn’t give a shit either about women.

    Glad the governments involved now, and they can come in on anything like this lawfully, when civil rights are abused.

    Larry was right Craig, Stop your whining!

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