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Another GOP Candidate for Governor Can’t Properly Account for Funds

It seems that Ken Miller is the latest Republican candidate for governor who is having trouble counting donations to his campaign, as Great Fall Tribune reporter John Adams notes today. According to the story, Ken Miller’s chief fundraiser Kelly Bishop  is accusing the candidate of failing to disclose campaign expenditures and accepting anonymous, illegal campaign donations:

Bishop, who was hired in January and was still listed on Miller’s campaign website Monday afternoon, said in an interview she had firsthand knowledge of Miller accepting campaign donations that did not appear on campaign finance reports as required by state law.

"At one point it was close to $14,000 that I accounted for that was missing off one of the campaign finance reports," Bishop said.

It’s never a great sign when a former campaign worker accuses a candidate of breaking the law, but it’s especially troubling when the person was in charge of fundraising.

To be fair, Ms. Bishop’s complaint is awfully light on details, but it hasn’t stopped the vultures in other campaigns from going after Mr. Miller. The story has already drawn comments from a Rick Hill supporter who allege that Miller was rumored to have “skimmed money” while the GOP chair and a comment from someone who works on the staff of Corey Stapleton.

Ironic, given Stapleton’s almost comical inability to correctly fill out his own campaign finance report.

I’d say it’s enough to let this collection of charlatans mismanage their own budgets. Let’s keep their hands off of the state’s finances.

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  • Two comments. 1) You are so good at coming up with snazzy headlines (“David Howard: Still a Racist.”), why couldn’t you have a better zinger for this story?

    2) Ken and Peggy Miller are DESPERATE to win this Governor’s race, for some unknown reason. I mean really, Ken is a very underwhelming candidate for Governor, but I bet even he could beat Brad Johnson in a primary for Secretary of State. Did he forget that office pays a whole lot more than he ever made on his mythical family farm or furniture store? And couldn’t Corey Stapleton have walked away with the Auditor’s race? Instead, everyone and his ego just had to pile onto this campaign because they were all too scared of BS in 2008 and only Roy Brown could be induced to play the role of sacrificial lamb.

    This just demonstrates to me that if Republicans win more than 2 seats on the land board this year, it will be in spite of the stupidity of people like Stapleton, Miller and GOP Chairman Will Deschamps. And then if Brad Johnson (SOS) and Derek Skees (Auditor) are in office, we can expect a big momentum change for the Democrats in 2016.

    Okay, I lied, I have more comments.

    3) Does anyone really doubt that the guy is guilty? You don’t run through campaign managers and finance directors that quickly without major internal problems. Word on the street is that Peggy is the real campaign boss. Here’s my guess on how he laundered the money: he does not have enough cash to give himself those large personal loans / donations. The personal contributions are the anonymous donations. Follow the money, Pogie.

    And let’s try for a catchier headline.

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