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Montana Politics

Representative Rehberg Wants Your Facebook Password

Written by Don Pogreba

Writing about Representative Rehberg always presents an interesting challenge. He never actually does anything, so you have to discern his beliefs from votes he takes on other member’s bills and amendments. Yesterday was another day which revealed just how Representative Rehberg thinks, as he voted against online privacy for employees.

Rehberg voted yesterday against an amendment which would have protected employees from being required to reveal their Facebook passwords to employers. While it may seem difficult to imagine that any employer would do that,  Representative Rehberg should know better. It’s happened here in Montana, most notably when the City of Bozeman briefly asked for online passwords from job applicants before a firestorm of controversy erupted.

It seems that Representative Rehberg is more interested in the rights of corporations than your right to privacy. Given Rehberg’s proclivity to tweet rather than govern, I’d say that his employees—the people of Montana—deserve his online passwords after this vote.

My guess? It’s probably abcd or boatbad.

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