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Vote for Neil Livingstone—Or Else

Earlier I worried that critics of the Neil Livingstone campaign might need to be concernedneil about the prospect of kidnapping. It turns out I underestimated him—they really need to worry about death squads, as Mother Jones reports.

Mr. Livingstone, it seems, thinks that there are times when government death squads are necessary:

He stressed that he was morally opposed to mass murder, but Livingstone acknowledged that there was a time and a place for such excessive measures. "In reality, death squads are an extremely effective tool, however odious, in combating terrorism and revolutionary challenges," he wrote. The larger problem, Livingstone argued, was one of optics—he quoted a former US intelligence officer who suggested the El Salvadorans should stop leaving bodies on the side of the road because "they have an ocean and they ought to use it."

The whole piece is a must-read for any of the thirteen people who are still considering voting for this extremist.

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  • First, congrats on the mention in the article.

    Second, at least Neil is being honest. Obama supports death squads in Colombia, but he would never frame the "necessity" of using such odious tactics, lest his base become horrified and refuse to vote for him.

  • I think there is a pretty significant distinction between Livingstone argued for the necessity of death squads and Obama's trade deal in Colombia. Don't get me wrong–I opposed the agreement and think that American foreign policy in Colombia and most of Central and South America has been abhorrent for decades or even centuries.

    It's too far, though, to blame Obama directly (or ascribe intent) for the actions of American corporations and their contractors in Colombia.

    • we can certainly agree US policy has been abhorrent in South America for a long time.

      I bet we can also agree that the attention Montana has been getting recently in the national press has been a bit embarrassing, and the media treatment—mixing Livingstone with Bigfoot for example—just a touch condescending.

  • Whew! I see that he is "morally opposed to mass murder"! Well, isn't THAT a relief? This dude is a serious dilhole! But what would one EXPECT from Col. Dolly North's best buddy? The Pubbies sure no where to FIND'em!

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