Jon Tester

Rehberg continues to give Tester a hand

Remember back in September when the NRSC used a Photoshopped photograph of Senator Tester embracing President Obama?  In the ad, Senator Tester had ten fingers.  I don’t need to tell you that our junior Senator has a mere seven fingers due to an accident that took place during his childhood on the family farm.

The snafu resulted in plenty of critical press for both the NRSC and Congressman Rehberg.  You’d have to assume that one would learn from their past mistakes, but you’d be wrong

Rehberg is currently running ads online attacking Tester.  The attack ads direct you to Rehberg’s campaign website and a page entitled “The Tester-Obama Agenda by the Numbers.”  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see that Rehberg and his cronies didn’t learn from their past mistake.

Here’s the photograph featured on Rehberg’s campaign website.  I’ll give you ten tries to guess what’s wrong with this photo.

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  • I'll try.

    1. The American Flag is right side up.
    2. Obama isn't stuffing money in Jon's pocket.
    3. They chopped off half of Jon's stomach.

  • There is no photoshopping in the picture in the current post. There is another person to the left of Tester. You can see the outline of that person's back behind Tester's back, and the outline of the person's head behind Tester's. The hand with the fingers and the darker suit jacket cuff belongs to that person. The post is bogus!! Very telling of the desperation.

  • Whats really “bogus” is Rehberg’s desperate attacks on Jon! And why would Rehberg reuse a photo the NRSC got slammed for using last yr. not too bright.

  • Should this be filed under truth in advertising, stupidity in campaigning, or Santayana reconfirmed?

    Regarding Craig's point, the hand does indeed belong to someone else. But to those who have not done their homework, not a null class as Don can testify, it looks like Tester's left hand. The authors of the original ten fingers ad didn't do their homework, or didn't give a rat's patootie about what they learned. The authors of the current ten fingers ad, and their client, are simply giving the voters the finger three times over. No conventional grading system can do justice to this degrading of public discourse.

    • The problem of the distracting hand can be solved simply by cropping the image just below Tester's right forearm. I'd also crop the sides to remove distracting scenes. That would be perfectly ethical, and it would actually strengthen the image.

  • I noticed that Rehberg (and all Republicans in general) are still calling the Affordable Health Care Act "Obamacare", when they SHOULD be calling it "Republicare" since IT WAS THEIR IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE, including the individual mandate!

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