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Senator Jon Tester recently released a new ad that reminds us why we elected him in 2006.

Simply put, he’s the real thing.  Simple and to the point.

Check out his new “Combine” TV ad and compare it to the message that got him elected in 2006 against Former Sen. Conrad Burns.

It’ll be a hard message for Developer Denny to compete against.

The image featured above is Developer Denny’s “ranch” – I kid you not. 


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  • Spiffy new ad. Like it a lot. Rehberg will never be able to compete with the fact that Tester is a REAL farmer and that Rehberg is nothing of the sort.

  • The question gets asked two ways Mr. Storin: 1) Have you no shame?, or 2) Have you no pride?

    I'm a little more blunt: Have you no intellect?

    • You spend so much time attacking anyone to the right of you (which seems like most people, after reading through your comments over the last few weeks). There's nothing wrong with you challenging those to your right. In fact, it's healthy. But I have two questions for you: 1. Do you really think you're going to change anyone's mind? And (2) why be so vile in your attacks? That surely won't win any support and it's not healthy for debate.
      Seems like you're causing yourself a lot of stress.
      In any case, this was a very simple post about the fact that Tester is now going up on TV and that Rehberg owns a development and calls it a ranch. That's about it. Hardly something to get nasty about nor something to try to start some sort of ideological battle over.

      • The ad has no content. His being a rancher is these days only for camera anyway, and is only meant for effect, and it is working on its intended audience – you.

        1) Changing anyone's mind … no. Mindsets are rarely overcome, but if it happens, it is because of addressing internal discomfort brought about by carrying contradictory beliefs. Playing nicey with people does not do that. You, for instance, in supporting Tester, are also supporting what used to be called the Burns agenda. Does my saying that create anger in you? Why?

        2) I am no more or less vile than anyone else, but because I hold a mirror to people and create internal discomfort, I seem so. If I were to come here and do the ordinary sort of political red/blue prattle – "I support Denny, I don't know why, but he's got a bigger ranch than Jon!" or some such nonsense, you'd not mind me at all. But because I attack you where you live, it creates anger.

        Your comments about right/left are essentially empty words, as you do not define issues that delineate those terms. I and a few others operate solely on issues, and so do not drift rightward with your Democrats. If that puts everyone to the right of us, it is you, and not us, that causes it. We have not changed at all.

        • 🙂
          You really do think highly of yourself. I wish I had that kind of self assurance.
          I can tell you one thing, for sure, Mark – you have absolutely no understanding of my political ideology and I feel no need or obligation to explain it to you.
          I do have one question for you. You state that "His being a rancher is these days only for camera anyway" [it's actually a farm] – why do you think that? The truth is that the Tester farm is still operational. You're very disillusioned and that's fine, but just because someone doesn't hold the same political views as you doesn't mean they possess less intellectual prowess.

          • Where did I say that you are not smart or that I know your ideology? I said the ad was working on you, nothing more. Don't mix up brains and ideology with advertising. Brains do not protect you from advertising and propaganda, only awareness of their existence, which you plainly lack.

            And ideology has no place in politics. You may have a fine set of beliefs, but voting for Tester will not advance them.

            He may still own the farm, it may still be operational, but he went to DC, has been there six years. Trust me, he left the farm.

    • Fair enough, but – with that said – can you really claim that this is a ranch? Should Denny really be running around saying he's a genuine rancher?

    • I'm guessing that Tester's farm raises a little more food than Rehberg's ranch, Ingy. Ever try eating a 3000 sq. ft. Craftsman-style home?

      • Safe to say that these are upper middle class homes containing middle managers, business owners, full time spouse workers, employing hundreds and putting bread on numerous tables.

        • I don't think anyone questions the value of having homes, though one might question the logic of the City of Billings obligating itself to defend a powerful landowner's undeveloped scrub land that is prone to fire.

          The objection is that Rehberg runs around the state pretending like he understands the concerns of farmers and ranchers, but the truth is that he's a real estate developer.

          If there's nothing shameful in that, why not say it?

          • I question the value of the city of Billings doing the job of fire safety, something found in the first few chapters of the cub scout manual.

            • Why SURE you do, Ingrid! There USED to be another independent fire dept. forty years ago in Billings. I can't remember the name. Doug sumthin'. Nice fellow. But he was put out of business. Remember him? Who would you suggest put out Dopey's fires? Maybe Dopey could get a volunteer fire dept made up of his buyers! Like every OTHER small town entity! Nuthin' stoppin' him! It's that indepedent cowboy, teatardian spirit that Dopey always espouses!

              • Gee Larry wouldn't you think the half a million dollars yearly of Rehberg Ranch Estates property taxes should go adequate fire protection?

                If Billings doesn't want to do the job properly then give the money back so they can hire O'Donnels.

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