Definitive proof Brad Johnson isn’t qualified to be SOS: Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson, former candidate for Secretary of State, will not appear on the ballot this year after failing to submit required paperwork to the Commissioner of Political Practices.

Johnson, who served one term as Secretary of State before losing to Democrat Linda McCulloch in 2008, had sought to reclaim his position as Secretary of State, but failed to file a D-1 business disclosure form before the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline.

The man who wanted to replace Linda McCulloch and supervise our elections couldn’t even properly file for office.  If you weren’t already sure Johnson wasn’t qualified for the job, this should serve as definitive proof.

To learn about the remaining GOP candidate vying to take on McCulloch in November, read Pogreba’s recent post on the subject.

Right now, it looks like McCulloch may be able to just walk right back into office this November.

UPDATE: Brad Johnson will now appear on the ballot.

The decision to put Johnson back on the ballot came after the Murry’s office had some legal research done.

Then Murry and the office’s investigator, Julie Steab, drove out to Johnson’s condominium in East Helena and tested his Apple computer. They found it wasn’t capable of sending the form to the commissioner’s office using Apple’s Safari Internet browser.

“I think that Brad made an honest effort to comply,” Murry said at the condo.

Shortly thereafter, Murry then ordered Johnson’s name not be removed from the ballot.

The commissioner said he wasn’t ready to elaborate on his decision Wednesday night, but said, “It doesn’t appear that we have the authority to disqualify people.”

On Wednesday morning, Johnson’s name was going to be scratched from the ballot because the commissioner’s office hadn’t received a D-1 business disclosure document from him by the deadline.

While this is good news for Mr. Johnson, it’s bad news for Montana.  As already stated, the man that wants to run Montana’s elections was barely able to file for the office he’s running for – doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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