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Pictures are worth thousands of words

The best photo coming out of yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Butte has to go to Senator Tester.



Despite the incredibly important role agriculture plays in our nation’s economy (not to mention our state’s), Jon Tester remains the only farmer in the U.S. Senate.  Yet another reason to re-elect him this year.

In November, we’ll have an easy choice between an authentic farmer and a land developer who tries to pass himself off as some sort of rancher.

Developer Denny (above)

To further clarify, Rehberg’s “ranch” versus Tester’s farm:

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  • The important feature about use of images in propaganda is that they escape the normal filtering process and go straight to the brain without critical review. They have a sublime motivating effect on our thought processes.

    This is why Bush would not allow pictures of coffins in the news, why we rarely see actual combat photos anymore, why an image of soldiers peeing on corpses of dead Afghans ("militants") creates an international shock wave, why camera angles of Obama are always directed upward, and why Jon Tester, once a farmer we are told, sits on a tractor in a parade.

    Stuff works. That's why. Look at yourself Don! It works on you!

  • Pogie didn't write this post, Mark.
    No matter how you slice it, these pictures paint a pretty clear picture. Tester is the real thing and Denny isn't.

  • Sorry Don – forgot to check the writer again. I expect more of this sort of thing from Storin.

    Pictures mean what they are intended to mean. If you want to read a story into it, Lega, you are willfully credulous.

  • Credulous, I am.
    And what's so bad about this stuff working? It's a truthful interpretation of two politicians' lifestyles.

    • Aye yi yi. Tester will never be a farmer again, but thank you for reminding me that this stuff actually works, ground level, which the Tester campaign people also know. As you were. You're right. It's reality.

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