Strohmaier calls out Diane Smith

Yesterday, Congressional candidate Dave Strohmaier issued a challenge to his primary opponents entitled “Strohmaier Calls on Primary Opponents to Support Only Democrats!”

The release is as follows,

MISSOULA – Dave Strohmaier, longtime leading Democratic voice in Montana and candidate for the U.S. Congress, today issued a stark and direct challenge to his opponents for the Democratic primary nomination: stop supporting Republican candidates.

Public records indicate some who are asking Democrats to nominate them as the Democratic candidate for Montana’s lone congressional seat are actually supporters of Republican politicians, giving their own money to support Republican victories over Democrats.

Strohmaier, the Democrat running for the Democratic Primary nomination said, “Where we invest our personal resources is a strong indicator of where our heart is. We should support who we feel will do the best job, but we cannot expect to have a record of helping elect Republicans over Democrats then turn around and ask Democrats to make you their standard bearer. Montana Democrats deserve better. I’m a Democrat. I’m true to my Party. The other candidates need to step up, explain themselves and pledge to stop supporting Republicans.”

In fact, public reports indicate giving from people seeking the U.S. Rep. seat to Conrad Burns and Denny Rehberg, among other Republicans. Rehberg is currently attempting to defeat our incumbent Democratic Senator.

“I have opponents who tout their experience. Well, I can honestly say I don’t have experience in some of the areas they do. I don’t have experience in working with lobbyists and I sure don’t have experience in supporting Denny Rehberg and other Republicans,” added Strohmaier. “My experience is in running the day-to-day affairs of a Montana city, raising a family in Montana, fighting forest fires and standing up for every day, working Montanans. And, that’s what I will do, as the real Democrat, in Congress.”

It’s pretty obvious who this statement is directed at: Diane Smith.  Diane Smith has been dogged from day one by the fact that she has contributed in the past to both Conrad Burns and Developer Denny.  When Strohmaier calls himself a “real Democrat,” he’s also calling Diane Smith a “phony.”

This is definitely a first for the Strohmaier campaign. He’s both brought attention to his own candidacy while also taking a whack at one of his opponents.  It’ll be interesting to see what else his campaign has in store.  The clock is counting down.

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  • what strohmaier didn't mention was diane smith's contributions to the whitefish city council campaigns for doug wise and mary vail. vail can be found in the front row of every derek skees pep rally and doug wise is active with the GOP. smith also contributed to turner askew's campaign for mayor. while on city council it was proven that askew was a follower not a leader. as a city councilor he never listened to or represented the people. realizing a city council should be non-partisan i think it's important to note she did not support the other four candidates who happen to be democrats.

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