More Insight from David Howard

David Howard from House District 60 continues to demonstrate why he has no place in a legislative body this century:

You know what is a mental sickness, Mr. Howard? Hatred and bigotry towards your fellow human beings. What Mr. Howard’s link endorses is an organization called Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, who sent a flyer home with students in Montgomery County, Maryland, advocating conversion therapy for GLBT students:

(PFOX) sent home fliers to students in Montgomery County schools advertising potentially harmful ideas about so-called conversion therapy….Montgomery County has a long-standing tradition of allowing groups to send fliers home. After a court decision in 2006, the county’s new policy is to allow any registered non-profit group to send home fliers at four times during the school year….In case you were wondering, so-called conversion therapy has been thoroughly debunked and discredited by a coalition of 13 national medical and mental health organizations.

Fortunately for the people of Park City and Columbus, there are three other candidates who have stepped forward to represent you. As tempting as it must be to send this ill-informed bigot away for three months every two years, please don’t send him back to the statehouse again.

–Written overnight, auto-posted this morning

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  • Chances are, given his open disdain, that he's repressed gay. Very common to express self-revulsion in this manner.

  • People like David Howard are going the way of the dinosaur, but that doesn't mean we should ignore him. You're completely right when you say "You know what is a mental sickness, Mr. Howard? Hatred and bigotry towards your fellow human beings."

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