Even Steve Daines Knows That Rehberg’s Land Grab Is Bad for Montana

We’ve discussed the disastrously bad idea that is Dennis Rehberg’s proposed federal land6437358163_5082a5de9a_m grab of Montana’s northern border more than a few times , but it’s got to be even worse for the wannabe-Senator when the criticism is coming from within his own party.

Steve Daines, who backed out of the Senate race to defer to Congressman Rehberg blasted Rehberg’s support of H.R. 1505 today on the Voices of Montana radio show:

I share concerns as we see—as we deal with the threats abroad, here. But also ensuring that we do not compromise the rights of the American people. And, you know, there’s been a couple of pieces of legislation out there—one related to border security and so forth, here, where it’s going to allow the federal government to have what I believe to be more power than needed here, you know, extending 100 miles south of [Montana’s northern] border here, which puts a pretty big dent here in Montana. And when I start seeing those things, I realize we’ve got people back in Washington that don’t understand the importance here of states’ rights, and the importance here of ensuring that—I want to see Montanans taking care of the state. We don’t need to just have a bunch of federal bureaucrats and federal authorities here usurping the rights and the authorities here we have here in the state of Montana.

Montanans of all political persuasions—left and right—know that this is a terrible bill, just as we knew that REAL ID and the Patriot Act were incredible, unwarranted extensions of federal power over civil liberties.

Why can’t Dennis Rehberg ever seem to see that these bills are wrong?

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